The Mess that Keeps On Giving

Awhile back I came back here w/ Zavier while Baba & Kalila spent some time together in the living room. He put Beauty and the Beast on his laptop…  Was late and I was tired (yes he was too). I knew he needed to help Gido with something, but didn’t realize he left when he did. Kalila stayed here… in the living room… by herself. Now normally this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but she decided to be helpful. She got the vinegar and helped Baba clean his computer!  As soon as it went black she came and told me that it died. I walked in to find the empty bottle, paper towels and a very dead computer. Not happy.  Baba came back, looked at it, and left… Came back with a pound or so of rice… Apparently soaking laptops in rice can dry them out w/out killing them for good. Nice to know right? Yes, he saved the computer… though it did need to be sent out to unstick keys.

So after that lovely mess we had a tub full of rice.  I immediately thought “sensory center” and decided to use it for that. I’d been trying to figure out something to use for that… The rice was clean. It worked. And it worked well. Kalila loved it.  It kept her very preoccupied while I was in the kitchen…. Yeah, I had to sweep a little more, but it wasn’t too bad. I found a nice cover for the tub when we weren’t using it too.

But… She figured the lid out. The other day she got into it while I was feeding her brother. Didn’t just get into it… She got the catfood first… Dumped the catfood in the tub of rice. Added some water… All of it splashed across the floor.  Less than 2 min involved and the kitchen was trashed (floor anyway). I was not happy.

I got it all up… Lid back on the tub of rice/water/catfood for me to throw out. Meant to do it asap but all sorts of things came up (luckily it didn’t wait too long, but still lol).  I did that today…

I got a trash bag… I poured the rice/catfood (because water’s all gone) into the bag. It fell out of the bag. I swept. Into the bag… Stop to feed Zavier and Kimosimi comes along and tears holes in the bag.  I swept. I got another bag. I tried to get the first bag into the second bag without making a mess. I failed. Horribly.

Yes it is all gone.

Very very unhappy with both daughter and cat while I was doing it though lol.

Note to self: sensory centers either need to be disposable or a better place to put them up.

And in case you’re wondering a pound of rice fills a kitchen trashbag halfway if you give it a cats dish worth of water.

2 thoughts on “The Mess that Keeps On Giving

  1. kim says:

    i heard about rice and cell phones and it worked for us…havent heard about rice/laptops.

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