Thumbs & Food

Still shaking off a bit of fuzz from an unexpected nap today lol.  Fell asleep with the kids during Between the Lions and slept right through Curious George.  Wish I hadn’t… but… Oh well.

Earlier today Zavier stuck his thumb in his mouth to chew on and it hit me just how long its been since he really sucked his thumb… a long long time.  Logically I know its prob best that he stopped early, but part of me is sad… I just loved seeing him do it. Was so cute.

Completely unrelated (unless you count that its going in his mouth)…  Zavier is doing very well with solids so far.

I figured out why he had so much trouble getting it to his mouth without the feeder the other day.  In reading baby led solids stuff I saw that they recommended chip size/shaped foods, but for some reason thought starting him earlier meant that would not be a good idea at first. Reading back over it that is mentioned… Not going to relink, its on the post about Baby Led Solids, but several of them mentioned that at this age babies can’t open their fist to get at the food inside (or something like that). Watching Zavier’s first few days, this makes a lot more sense… he really couldn’t get at the food when he did pick it up (but did great getting the feeder to his mouth).  So today I tried a bit bigger slices and it was like he’d been doing it forever lol. He grinned at me the entire time.. Did drop it a few times, and at one point spit out a bit of it before trying again (I think he got more than he wanted). But he did great today.

Our next new food is gonna be Sweet Potatoes… Planning to get them tonight, though it’ll be a couple days before I make them for him. I think I’m going to steam them… but not entirely sure. May bake them instead. We’ll see lol.


2 thoughts on “Thumbs & Food

  1. christy says:

    My 4 1/2 year old still sucks her thumb night, and it is really messing up her teeth. She currently has an open bite (her front teeth don’t close together properly), and the dentist keeps telling me that she needs to stop. But how in the world do you make her stop?

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah I have no idea how to discourage it either… I’ve been really lucky. Kalila dropped a pacifier at 3 months and now Zavier with the thumb… Everyone said it would be harder. He did do it a little longer… But on the teeth, what I was told by one of the midwives when he was born is that we could always get him braces lol. Not the most pleasant thought, but it helped me worry a little less. I started to worry about Kalila though, she picked up thumb sucking after he was born. Not a lot, but would do it occasionally and it drove me insane. I haven’t seen her do it in at least a week so I’m hoping htat’s ended.

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