Mr Clingy

Writing this fast because I want sleep… but its in my head so might as well or I’ll be thinking about the post all night.

Zavier is going through a clingy phase. It finally hit me that’s whats going on. I know he’ll outgrow it. I know I’ll prob miss it even lol. But good grief the past couple days have been rough.  I think he’s making up for being so easy 😉 esp in the beginning.

No its really not that bad, he just wants to be held… Constantly. Or have us near by. If he’s awake and playing he’s good… as long as he can see us. But sleep? He has to be touching me. I think… No I know… That is what’s getting me. At night its fine, but during the day I can’t just sit/lay with him and that’s what he wants me to do. He doesn’t seem to care if I’m holding him, or if he has his head on me, or my hand on him, but he has to be touching or he wakes right up. Sweet. But tiring…

Looking back he’s right at the age Kalila started having sleep problems too… Only hers she just wouldn’t sleep lol. This is an improvement right? LOL I hope he goes back to his happy sleeping self soon…

Baba’s off this week so I have help (YAY!) but if this keeps going on I may try out using the wrap more at home… Will still limit what I can do, but not as much.

And now eh’s calling for me again… was playing with a toy.

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