Baba’s off for the week… Very happy about that. Do want to mention a few things before I get off here and enjoy that a little more lol.

Kalila – Cracks me up.  A couple examples from yesterday

  • She was trying to call me from the other room while I was feeding Zavier. I told her I’d be in there in a minute and we started hearing her yell what sounded like “Allah! Allah!”.  Baba got a confused look on his face and asked me why she’s yelling God over and over in there, and then it hit us… She’s trying to say “yallah” (hurry).
  • Later on (after catching Baba saying haram and asking him what it means and then watching an episode of Dora after we got home) Kalila walked into the hallway, put her hand out towards the wall and said “Haram witch!” and started on some rant about a gate and saving a prince.

On top of that she’s also been sleeping better too… Half afraid to say anything on that, except that I know its not anything we’re doing she just seems to want to now. I hope it continues but I’m not counting on it.  As is I’m grateful for the past week.

That being said… last night was kinda funny too. Most nights (all but last night) she’s been sleeping on her bed at least most of the night (and at least once all night).  She walked up last night and told me she’s gonna go lay down in our bed, I was hoping to get her in hers so I said “No, in your bed” and she got this look and said “That’s not what I said!”  A few min later I was bad and tried to sneak a cupcake… She walked up and looked everywhere but at me.  Thinking there was no way it was gonna work I told her to go lay down, she said ok and left… I finished the thing quickly and walked in here to find her in the middle of our bed blanket pulled up and sound asleep. Oh well, at least she went down w/out fighting right?

Zavier – is fighting sleep right now, but having fun w/ his Baba.  He tried sweet potatoes yesterday and seems to like them.  I did end up baking them (in strips like fries).

Our Weekend – was good. We went to the festival at Church yesterday. Didn’t get to stay long unfortunately, but it was fun. Kalila did not want to leave. Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud came over later though and that stopped all whining about not wanting to be here. I don’t really remember Saturday lol. I know it existed, but not really sure beyond that. Not too thrilled w/ the time change thing either. I hate time changes either way.  Thankfully the kids seem to adjust fine… I don’t.

Ok I really need to get off (this not the computer lol) and get a grocery list going. Will do a picture post later. I was gonna put up one w/ Zavier and his sweet potatoes but Baba hasn’t brought me the camera yet and Zavier finally fell asleep (on me).


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