I’m gonna start this time with listing off all the things I like about this diaper.  And there’s quite a few.

  • It is, in my opinion, by far the cutest diaper we own. I LOVE the print. Does that really matter? Not a bit, but even if worked horribly (doesn’t) I would still grab it first lol. Kalila goes for this one when I ask for a diaper too. The only way I think I’d like it more is if it was a Man Utd print.  Unfortunately other than this one (and an adorable girly print or two) most of this brand are solid colours.  Still nice, but I’d love to see more prints like this.
  • The fit. This diaper fits Zavier better than any other we own. I didn’t realize one could do that lol. Now that doesn’t mean it’ll fit the next baby (or yours) as well, but for Zavier this is the perfect diaper. Not exaggerating.
  • Its (partly) bamboo… with all the benefits that go along with that. Ec0-friendly, antibacterial, soft, very absorbent, etc.  The insert is more microfiber than bamboo, but there is a layer of it (out of 4, 3 are microfiber). PUL for waterproofing on the diaper too.
  • PRICE.  This diaper was 12 on Amazon. It did not fall under my free 2 day shipping, but even with added shipping costs it was under 17… Which means after shipping it still cost less than most one size pockets before shipping. Esp if you’re looking at one with bamboo.
  • Snaps. I like snaps.
  • Insert snaps in. Not a requirement, but is nice.

First impressions

Obviously I was just excited at first… getting a new diaper in. Bamboo for the first time (beyond that one insert). The print.

But then I saw the wash instructions…

I wanted to cry.  Seriously.  All I saw at first was the recommendation to hand wash in cold water and I thought maybe it wasn’t such a good purchase lol.  Now reading on they can be machine washed… in cold.  They also recommend line drying out of direct sunlight, but can go in the drier on the lowest setting.

I was still excited about trying it, but I went back and forth over that whole thing the whole time. I thought maybe I’d try hand washing.. no I couldn’t bring myself to do it lol. I know I would hand wash diapers if I really needed to, but I have a washer… I want to use it!

The cold wash was another issue. I do cold rinse/hot wash for diapers.  But I don’t want to ruin a brand new diaper and thought you know what I’ll do it. I seperated out all my covers and pockets (usually do that anyway) and washed them all cold with this one.  And they got clean.  And then I remembered back when.. when I used to wash all my diapers in cold to save a bit on our bill. The only reason I’d stopped was the detergent we were using back then wouldn’t rinse out easily that way and it didn’t really save us any. Our soap nuts now don’t have that issue…

So I guess I’m grateful to this diaper for that lol.

Actual use…

The first use didn’t give me the best impression of the diaper, but it was my fault. I misunderstood how to use it! I can’t find the paper that had the picture, but I saw one that showed the snapped insert outside the pocket and read something about the pocket being for added ones. So I thought it was like those hybrids (or whatever they’re called) that have the inserts between the cover and baby.  It works just fine that way… but I don’t like it there against his skin.  I’ve started putting the insert in the pocket (like I think its supposed to be lol) and do like it a lot better.

Either way this diaper does not leak. There’s no wicking at all (so far). It can stand up to my heavy wetter here at night.

What don’t I like about it?

  • The lining is also bamboo… which is nice, except that it absorbs just like the insert.  Which I guess is great for extra protection, but every part of the inside of that diaper is soaked in the morning… Even if I add another insert.  I don’t like that wet right up against him with his poor skin the way it is.
  • Takes forever to dry, but I can easily get past that.. esp for the added absorbency (is expected for that too).
  • Product description online is kind of confusing… Its gotten better lately, looks like more’s been added, but it wasn’t exactly what I thought when I bought it. I’m ok with that, and glad its fixed online, but still.

I can’t decide whether I can say I want more or not. I’m leaning towards yes. The price is great. The fit is perfect. No leaks even at night. If I was buying a day stash (so the wet against skin not as much of an issue) I’d say I wanted more in a heartbeat.  Wash was my first issue, but I’ve pretty much gotten over that… now its just the wet at night.  If he wakes up red it doesn’t matter how much it holds 😦 .  May try some kind of liner.  Thankfully buying more diapers isn’t really an issue now anyway lol.


One thought on “Bububibi

  1. Marni says:

    Hmmmm… I’d be curious to try one of these now. I like the print too. I will have to look them up to see some more pictures and angles of them. Let me know how it goes from here out too, k? 🙂

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