Bad Idea…

Last night I made a really bad decision… it sounded good at the time though.

I found a sample thing of Downy softener. We don’t use softeners for multiple reasons… I asked Tia Sallie if she wanted it, and she couldn’t use it either… but when I started to throw it away she gave me an idea that sounded like it would be great.

Cut it open and stick it in the toilet tank.

I knew I was gonna get annoyed with the fake smell… I can’t stand them anymore.  But we had it and I hate wasting stuff and its the bathroom so I figured I’d deal with that. And I am, it just gave me a headache when I walked in there… but that’s ok.

What’s not ok is it means there’s softener in the toilet water!  HELLO… I rinse the diapers out in there… Baba has not gotten me a diaper sprayer and the shower head to the toilet trick does not work in the new place (oh how I miss that). I don’t mind dunk and swish too much so I’m not throwing a huge fit over that… yet… but now I can’t! And Zavier has started solids so I have to clean them out in there!

I didn’t even think about it until Kalila had an accident (first in 3 days?) and I cleaned them out, gave myself the headache and as soon as I put them in the diaper pail it hit me… Thankfully just a plain pair of panties, but they’ve touched the diapers so I don’t want to pull them out… meaning it’ll get in the wash with all the diapers even if they haven’t been washed in the toilet since then…

Guess who gets to strip the freaking diapers today.  All other laundry is now out the window.

Except the sheets.  The one thing that saved me from washing a diaper out in there before this was someone exploding on our bed during a diaper change today.

So not happy with myself right now.


6 thoughts on “Bad Idea…

  1. deltaflute says:

    Awww….so sorry about that. Maybe you can fill up the sink or the use the tub spout to swish or rinse out the diapers instead of the toilet. But stripping the diapers isn’t fun. I’m really lazy about it and just run it through on hot once without detergent or use liquid dish soap instead. I also use a downy ball with vinegar in it in the rinse cycle. I know that you’re technically supposed to wash your diapers twice (once in cold and again in hot), but I never do. It seems to be okay. Our water is really hard anyway so whatever I do doesn’t make a difference unless I forgot and used a fabric softener.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah I use liquid dish soap to strip, but it means 50 hot wash cycles to get it all out. Our washer sucks. And that bamboo diaper is in the pail… so its gonna be even worse when I try to wash pockets/covers. I can’t use vinegar on those (PUL and vinegar don’t mix) but will on the prefolds. Usually do that anyway. Will also do a small soak with oxi clean before my rinse only (cold) cycle… its good for stripping.

      Very very frusterated right now. That on top of the poop this morning being harder to get rid of than it should be. About to start the sheets, but the blankets are at my FIL’s and have gone through 3 washes with no improvement. Zavier won’t stop crying… He’s learned to pull up in the pack n play today now too. I’m about to lose it and Jas is off playing golf with his dad, which is great… its his birthday but of course its exactly when I need the most help 😦

  2. Marni says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all do dumb crap before thinking! 🙂

  3. deltaflute says:

    (((Hugs))) It’ll work out okay.

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