3 Year Old Breastfeeding Critic

Yeah Kalila and I are gonna have to have a serious talk soon. Already did a bit, but still. Somehow my child has gotten it in her head that Zavier is too old/big to nurse.

I have no idea where this came from… She tried to stop him this morning and then tried to lecture me about him being too big now. Oh no. I am not putting up with that. I wouldn’t from anyone else lol, and def not from my 3 year old daughter!

I have no idea where it came from, so I’m a little confused there too.  The last time we had a similar issue I at least knew where it came from.  Her cousins had a doll with a bottle. Played with it/them one day and came home insisting that Zavier needed a bottle.  It took about a month to get her to stop arguing with me over it. I really hope it doesn’t take that long this time.

Beyond that I’m a bit in shock because, while I hear about women being told this as young as Zavier is by people, I never did with Kalila. Well scratch that, I did hear a version of it when she was closer to a year and definitely got it from a couple people after I got pg w/ Zavier…  but def not at 6 months old!

I guess I should be glad that I’m lucky enough its only Kalila (I think, depending on where she got it but that’s a whole other issue that I’m not wanting to think about right now)… and hope its easy to deal with.

4 thoughts on “3 Year Old Breastfeeding Critic

  1. deltaflute says:

    oh, no fun. I’m fortunate that every one so far has been very supportive of my breastfeeding. I was worried about the church thing especially lately since he tugs the cover right off. I’ve started wearing two layers: one I can pull up and the other down to Mass so that as much is covered as possible. It’s fine for now because it’s getting colder. But once summer hits, I’m afraid that their might be problems. Most everyone is understanding and they look away briefly. I’ve really lucked out with this congregation but once we move (wherever that will be), I’m hoping that nobody gets nasty with me. I don’t want comments about “he’s too big or too old.”

    Sounds like K is picking it up from somewhere or it could be a bit of jealousy. Thinking it’s more the first.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I’ve done two layers through the summer and its really not bad (I live in a hot area too), just make sure the materials are appropriate. Once they start getting older, the chances of that happening go up, but.. they usually start nursing less or at least NIP less. I didn’t tell Kalila no in public after a certain point but she wouldn’t ask then either. And she was a very frequent nurser up to the end lol.

      Yeah, its got to have come from somewhere… I’d say jealousy except the way it happened. When he’s nursing and she says/yells she doesn’t want him to, she wants to do x,y or z… that’s jealousy.. and has happened. Has also happened that she wants him to play with her instead lol. The too old/big thing she had to have actually heard somewhere. Not happy.

  2. mamamia2010 says:

    that’s so strange, i wonder where she got it.

    i got some comments now that my daughter is 7 months old, asking if i still breastfeed (with this oh so annoying tone in the word “still”)… i think some people misunderstand the WHO recommendation to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months… they think it’s the normal thing to start them on formula after 6 months until they fully on solids. to me this is simply a stupid thought. but thank God i have also lots supporters around here… there are a few moms who exclusively breastfed there babies until 1year old and several moms who breastfed until 2 (which is my goal)

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Sorry you’re getting those. I really was lucky w/ Kalila… I had one comment when she was about 9 months and then didn’t get any more until she was over 2 (she weaned at 26 months) and they were more about me nursing while pg than at her age. I did get asked why I had the goal of 2 years a few times though. Is my goal again this time, but I’d also like for him to self wean… we encouraged it a bit with her because of outside circumstances (long story short, cramping and phone number mixup.. didn’t get the info that it wasn’t from bf and was safe to continue until a few days later when she’d stopped asking). Is good that you have supporters 🙂 They really do make a difference.

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