Christmas Ideas

I’m more than a little excited about Christmas shopping this year… For one thing Baba gave me the go ahead to do it online. I like going out and doing it in stores, but we always end up doing it last minute that way so there’s not a whole lot of thought put into it (at least not on my part) and with the kids especially… I want to do a little better. Or at least feel like I am. Watch we’ll end up running to WM at the last min anyway lol.  No I’ve got the SB cards (hopefully will have a decent stash again in time to at least get one or two things online) so maybe a combination…

There’s 3 sites I’m mainly looking at this year.  Actually I think most likely I’ll end up using the first 2 for ideas and the 3rd to actually do it because of SB cards lol.

Franklin Goose, Hazelnut Kids, and of course… Amazon.

I’m really just getting started looking, but thought I’d show a few of my ideas so far. Ok mainly so I can show Baba, but still lol. Anyways, just ideas – things we may (or may not) choose from.  Note: pictures not mine, from the stores sites. I’m linking them there so no confusion 🙂

Kalila – who oddly enough is the easier one for me.

I found this on Hazelnut Kids first and just saw it on Amazon… is linked there since its cheaper for one, but mostly because its what I had up lol. I was actually looking at this for her Bday and a little sad that I didn’t get it.Apparently its on all 3 sites… and not as much of a price diff as I thought. Must have gone down since Sept.






Sarah’s Silks. Available both places too… I put the picture of the streamer thing, but I know Kalila would love about anything from there. There’s also magic wands, crowns, skirts, swords… even the plain play silks would be a hit.






About any of the Barefoot book series… except for Herb the Vegetarian Dragon lol.  I can just see Baba hitting the roof on that one. I think Kalila would like this princess one the best.  These are prob less likely an option than any of the others… but I like them so they’re going in the mix for now.






Kalila loves playing Mommy…  and I’ve caught her sticking her dolls in her shirt to “wear” them a few times. A toy baby carrier would be cute. So would the doll cloth diapers…









Ok this could be bad lol.. But at the same time a good learning tool.




Tumbling tower (matching game) she’d have a blast with. I can see the mess though… Prob lower on the list too, but I kinda like it.




Zavier… Poor Zavier is prob just gonna get clothes lol.  But I like looking at baby toys and there’s a few other things he could use so lets see if I can catch Baba’s eye with anything here…


He loves books… This is another Barefoot book. He’s gotta get some kind of book from us though. He keeps stealing ours… and Kalila’s. Thankfully he doesn’t destroy them like she does.







Yeah a rattle… Zavier  has a few but I really really like the wood ones lol.







Amber teething necklace… I would rather start making these, have     wanted to for awhile.. but still dont have the stuff. :-/







Yeah goofy idea to get my son for Christmas… but he’s between the two main sizes we have right now and the ones from Kalila have been through.. well a lot lol. Maybe I should put this on my Christmas list? On that note I could throw in one of the new Rumparooz prints, some help and/or bamboo inserts or a Doopsy diaper… LOL








Roll toy and a sorter… No obnoxious music…






I could keep going but I want ot end the post lol. Zavier is not going to be easy… if we get him anything other than clothes.













2 thoughts on “Christmas Ideas

  1. christy says:

    I like the shoe tying toy. We really need to practice that skill.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Us too. That’s why I like it so much. We do have real shoes we could practice on, but… make it a toy and its play? I don’t know it just appeals to me lol.

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