Teeth, Sleep, Vacation & Stuff…

Yeah I’m doing another one with a bunch of stuff shoved together… easier than writing several out right now.

Well Tuesday is here… and Baba’s back at work. This last week was great having him home.  We didn’t get everything we planned done… but we had fun, got a good amount of it done, and relaxed a bit. It was nice. We even went to the zoo. Planning to again next week 🙂  Love having that family membership thing!

Unfortunately we did have a few issues to deal with over the week too…

Poor Zavier is teething still. Same two teeth. And somehow I missed it at first… He had a little mini nursing strike/trouble sleeping I couldn’t figure out what was going on… was already stressing over something or another (funny I don’t remember what now) and didn’t figure it out until after I had a melt down myself on Thursday.  Finally clicked that the biting he was doing when he would nurse was his teeth. Couldn’t find any of the Hylands (gel or tablets) so grabbed the Humphrey’s 3 (same stuff, diff brand). I don’t like that I have to dissolve it first, but.. it works.  As soon as I did that, he nursed really well again.  While he was I started thinking about the fact that I’ve been fighting him on sleep… the whole horrible lay him down and he cries cycle.  And I realized, at that point at least, he’s just flat out over tired and just needed sleep. Didn’t matter that I don’t have time to lay down with him… if that’s what he needs…  So I did. By the next day he was letting me put him down to sleep on his own again.  If I’d just took a break earlier on I would have saved myself a lot of trouble.

Oh and here’s a video from Thursday… this was after he pulled all the way up in there (only did half way here), fell and hit his head on a toy.. is why I was telling Kalila not to put it in there with him.This was about the happiest he was all day.

The teeth still aren’t all the way through btw… Poor guy’s chewing on everything. Kinda thinking it might be soon, but may just be wishful thinking lol.

Kalila is still doing good with sleep. We haven’t tried moving her bed back yet, but I’m still in the middle of fixing up her room. So grateful she’s been doing so well though because 2 kids with sleep issues would have been awful.

And while we’re still talking about sleep… This may just be asking for trouble lol… but looks like we’re going to transition Zavier soon.  Baba brought it up the other day… and I’ll be honest, I’m not ready. I get what he was saying though… So I brought the pack n play into our room. Its not gonna happen over night… but in a way I’m kinda glad we’ve got it in here and talking about it because as much as I’m not ready (and not sure if he is either) there’s been a couple times we’ve been ready for bed and Zavier’s been passed out in the pack n play and I’ve had to get him up because it was all the way across the house.  This way when that happens I can leave him and see how long he sleeps before wanting up.  Didn’t happen last night though.

Zavier has officially become an omnivore! I keep wanting to say carnivore, but that’s not quite right lol.  Does fit Baba though 😀  Anyways, we introduced turkey on Sunday. Yes I have pics.

He did pretty good with it. Still prefers sweet potatoes. So far they are definitely his favourite food.  I was a little (more than a little) surprised because he eyes our meat like crazy while we’re eating and tries to grab at it.  Took him awhile to even try it when I gave it to him… and he just eats a little and moves on.  Oh well. Not worried 🙂

Oh and a few pics from Baba’s bday…  after all the screaming and crying lol.  Baba & Uncle Bud watched Zavier jump and played games… Got one of Kalila playing w a cap… She says its a detective cap.

Before I go… cute story.  The other day Zavier pulled up on me on the bed like he used to do, where he’s bent over and not upright (but still on his feet)… but he let go! And… He tried to take a step backwards lol. Yeah it didn’t work so well, he fell almost immediately. Still pretty cute 😀


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