At least that’s how I feel today lol.

Zavier is ALL OVER THE PLACE… but it seems to be working for me because he’s wearing himself out and sleeping well. I started to worry yesterday about much he was sleeping actually, and then when he woke up I saw (while thinking about it) how much he was moving/doing… He crashed again after all that and I realized that’s all it was lol.  No question he doesn’t have a fever or anything like that (both kids are warmer than me to begin with so I always worry about that one first, but he didn’t feel warm at all even to me).  Still chewing on everything too… Teeth in same spot :-/

I finally have video proof too (of the pulling up, not the teeth lol) 🙂 Got this one this morning:

Very excited about that…

Aunt Sonia got to come visit today too, so that was nice… Zavier stood up and showed off for her too lol. Wish I’d gotten pics while she was here, but didn’t even think about it. Oops.

Kalila on the other hand… went a little crazy. I should have expected it, she’s been pretty well behaved today (all week really) and hadn’t had a nap yet… Throw in company and probably a bit of jealousy (plus a tired mama) and… Bad timing for her.  She’s asleep now… I’m guessing she’ll wake up when Baba gets home.  Awkward time for a nap but she’s been doing that a lot lately too… and sleeping through the night so I guess its what she needs :-/  Anyways, I felt worse for Aunt Sonia than anything lol. Hopefully Kalila will do better next time…

And yes I’m tired too. Have a pot pie that’s almost ready to go in the oven (needs to heat up first). A bit sad because we’re out of mushrooms, and only had one can of biscuits but oh well…


3 thoughts on “Productive

  1. Marni says:

    Yay Zavier!

    Mmmmmm… Pot pie!

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