Brother Sister Love

Watching the kids play together in the pack n play again… so stinking adorable.  For the most part they get along great. Zavier adores his sister. She has her moments where she tries to be mean to him, but can be the sweetest little thing to him too.

Last night… Well, backing up, Kalila hasn’t been sleeping with us lately (whoo hoo!). She’s been staying in her bed at least most of the night. Last night Baba laid down with Zavier and got him to sleep while I finished up something I had to do on here… He got up and Kalila came and laid down with her brother and fell asleep next to him. I tried to get a pic, but way too dark. A few min later I was ready to sleep too, and moved her over (since its still not really safe to let them sleep next to each other).  Things were fine until he wet his diaper… I had a prefold on him alone and when he wet, he decided he wanted it off and somehow wiggled out of it lol. I woke up as it was happening (and was pretty funny) and thought for a second about leaving him w/out one and decided that was a BAD idea… air might be good for him but I do not want to wake up to starting solids poo. I got him a diaper but he started crying and woke her up. She cuddled next to him (and he tried to hug her mid change). I moved her back but as soon as I laid down…. she scooted right up against my back and started talking, half asleep, about needing her brother.

So sweet.

Yeah not even gonna try putting up the pic from last night because its just awful (prob can’t even see them), but I do have one from a couple days ago. I need to get more of them playing… They’re little tent thing last night would have been a good pic too. Oh well. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Brother Sister Love

  1. Marni says:

    I can’t get over how cute they are.

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