It Hissed?

Ok seriously weirded out here lol.

A couple weeks ago or so Baba finished getting this tree stump out of the back yard. We were very happy about it and kinda surprised that it didn’t take longer…  While he was doing it he saved a little lizard who was being eaten alive by ants. They took his tail, but he got away.

I forgot all about that little lizard until I saw this in my bathroom a min ago:

Yeah he got in… Not sure how.  Assuming its him by the tail.

I tried to move him to get inside the bathroom and got hissed at. The cats aren’t even going near this thing. I really hope he moves soon!

On a diff note, we got Kalila a V-Tech Nitro Jr Notebook as a late Bday gift (from her Great Grandparents).  She’s playing with it now and so excited. She fell in love with the little E-Reader type thing too so we’re thinking that may just be her gift from Santa.  She’s also asking for a magic wand, magic hat & skateboard though so we’ll see lol.

5 thoughts on “It Hissed?

  1. kim says:

    we had an earlier version of that nitro a few years ago. that e reader does look neat though. i am looking at thing too.

    I thought u were gonna say the cat hissed at you. My mom’s cat hisses at us all the time and i hate that!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      No the cats behave pretty well lol.

      We looked at last years version I think… but didn’t get it. Kalila didn’t seem to interested in this at the store, was too focused on the e reader… but it costs more so we decided to put it off for Christmas. I’d already started teaching her about this computer, but its been awhile so I’m going back over all that with hers. Love that its set up so similarly.

  2. christy says:

    You have lizards in your backyard? That is neat. We went to Florida for vacation one year, and there were little lizards EVERYWHERE. I find this fascinating, because there aren’t any little creatures like that in KY or NJ.

  3. mamamia2010 says:

    uuuh lizards… we have plenty of them here in the middle east and they regularly visit us in our apartment (the rubber lit on the bottom of the door has some cracks and they come in). It never bothered me until I found a 7cm/3 inch one dead in a mug in my sink. It drowned in the leftover tea. It freaked me out, for like 2 weeks or so I would always check my cups…

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Ewwwe… Yeah dead one in cup would freak me out. Our cats ended up killing this one and it found its way into the diaper pail (I think I accidently tossed it in). I found it while doing the wash and freaked all over again 😀

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