Picture Catchup

…  Just doing a pic post. I’m tired. Its been a long day.  And I’ve wanted to share these for a while.


Kalila’s hair… is royally hard to do lol. The only thing we can really get to stay for any length of time is a little sideways pony tail. Cute… but still.  I tried to braid it the other day and got pics. Not my best braid ever lol… and didn’t last 30 min… but we (Kalila and I) were both excited about it.

Zavier and his green beans.  He likes them 🙂

Kalila blowing bubbles

Kalila riding her bike today… Poor thing has had to wait until now because we hadn’t made it to the store to get her pads… fixed that last night.  She needs help pedaling but we’re working on it.

Zavier standing some more..

More of them together… she was giving kisses.

Zavier sitting and playing with a toy 🙂

And here’s Zavier passed out in the high chair. I have no clue how he managed that one lol

No pic with this, but do have to share our latest dose of cute… (I need a video of it, hope I can get one!) Zavier has started trying to say Kalila.  He calls her Lala.


One thought on “Picture Catchup

  1. christy says:

    I can’t believe how big your baby boy is getting. Gosh, it seems like you just had him! How is he already so big?

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