Somewhat Productive

Its really hard to get anything done when I’m depressed (which thankfully things aren’t as bad as yesterday) so I’m kinda proud of how much I’ve gotten done today.

Diapers washed and put away. Plus another load of laundry and put up the ones I hung up last night (we have an area I hang them up right out of the drier before moving to closets). Planning to do one more load.

Dishes..I do have a few left, but the day is not over… and I have no doubt they’ll be done tonight.

Accidentally made chicken noodle soup. I used this recipe for Rosemary Pasta in Garlic Butter Sauce.  I added chicken early on (after the garlic) but that wasn’t the problem lol. I misread the directions and thought it said add 3 quarts to the onion mix instead of to boil the pasta. I knew it needed water for the broth so I didn’t question it until I got 1 quart in and realized that was not what it said. Oops.  I added the rest of the stick of butter, some fresh green beans, salt, pepper, lime juice and the bullion.. and let it cook down a bit.  I spooned it over the noodles and it really was more like soup. I hate chicken noodle soup and loved this.

Dining room, living room, kitchen and hallway have all been swept and mopped. Will have to happen again, but still. Nice.

Got a bit done on my Control Journal.

And we’re having Kalila’s Godfather over tonight (just found that out not too long ago lol.. had actually already started this post when I got the call).

Still want to go over the bathroom and touch up a few things.. if I can get the energy to get back up lol. Am a bit tired. I think Zavier could tell something was up today, he’s been a bit clingy to me. Oh and repost on Craigslist… I should do that before I get up lol.


2 thoughts on “Somewhat Productive

  1. Salma says:

    You sure have a lot on your plate. The recipe looks interesting…I’ve messed up recipes as well, but at least you made something that was edible.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah.. sounds like you do as well 🙂 The recipe was really good though. I’m glad it worked out, messed up recipes that don’t… eek I’ve had that happen a few times and not fun lol.

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