Speech Issues

We’ve been lucky, Kalila’s never had an problems w/ her speech.  She’s mispronounced a few words of course, but nothing big.  Not really a big deal if she did, we’d work on it and that’s fine… but she didn’t.

But now she’s giving herself one.

We have a new neighbor here… who has a niece she watches. Its great because it gives Kalila someone to play with. The little girl is a little older than her… a couple years older, but they do pretty good together. But she can’t say her r’s… And now Kalila is picking it up. She’s even told us that’s where she’s getting it.

She can still say things correctly, she’s just choosing not to. So far we’ve been correcting her when it happens. And today we talked to her about not talking like the little girl. Not really sure what else to do (if this doesn’t work).


2 thoughts on “Speech Issues

  1. deltaflute says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Kids like to imitate. It’s frustrating yes, but the more you worry about it, the more she’ll do it. Once it’s not a new thing or an interesting thing she’ll just stop. That’s my advice anyway. Take it or leave it.

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