Xaver Suppe

I had to make a few adjustments…  (I linked the recipe on the St Francis Xavier post if you’re wondering) We use whole wheat flour here, had no cream (used the milk/butter sub mentioned at the bottom of the recipe), and the Parmesan was not fresh (Kraft)… Oh and doubled the parsley since I didn’t have the other herb and they’re supposed to be very similar. I think next time I might use homemade chicken broth (watered down since mine tends to be thicker?) instead of Knorrs, but still… this was very good.

Here’s a pic of the dumplings before I boiled them… They’re supposed to sit for 30 min. Obviously not pea sized, but neither were the ones in the pic they had lol. You can see the diff in the flour here too.

Big pot of soup… Next time I may also freeze half the dumplings and make less soup at once. We’re still eating on this. No complaints, its good.. but still. Lots of soup!

And Kalila’s bowl.. She was very excited about this.  Was going on all night about “Zavier soup and Kalila soup and Mama soup” lol.

I did not end up printing out the colouring pages 😦  But I’m glad we did this at least.


One thought on “Xaver Suppe

  1. Angela says:

    Looks delish!

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