2 Weeks of Advent

Yeah I forgot to post the pics last week… Sorry lots on my mind lately. And the comp problems were going on at first too, so glad that’s fixed!

I decided to pull out our Advent wreath this year… We haven’t in the past few for several reasons. The different Liturgical calendars (extra weeks make it just about impossible to adjust), so little room at the apartment, things going on… I started one year and never finished…. But I missed it. So it got pulled out this year and decided I wasn’t going to worry about any of that.

Kalila is excited about it.

We did not end up lighting it every day last week (nor will we this or the next couple), I wanted too but it just didn’t work out. Sunday’s are a start though… We also didn’t leave it lit very long.  Not the best idea with kids around lol.

Baba has not been here for it… both Sundays it got lit while he’s at his D&D game lol. Zavier slept through today.. sat in his high chair unimpressed last week.

Anyways, here’s the pics from last Sunday…

LOL the pout in the first one…


Kalila decided she just had to blow them out lol. Didn’t get a pic of that, but prob should have. So cute!



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