Kalila Kalila Kalila

Yeah I had to have a talk with my daughter a min ago… and prob will have several more.

Little goose decided to “teach Zavier to eat an apple” as she put it.

I had put him in the pack n play while I switched the laundry (found Mumble on the doorstep outside too).  I knew Kalila was in there w/ him, could hear them playing the whole time (she must have snuck out for the apple though)  and then I saw I missed a call from my parents so I called them back.. talked to Grandpa for a few minutes and heard Kalila yelling that out. I ran in there (lol really just a few steps away) to find a very happy Bub.

Me not so much. Thankfully (I suppose) she wasn’t shoving it in his mouth, just letting him have it when he grabbed.  She broke some pieces off (the soft part) and let him have at  them.

No, he’s not too young for apple.. at least. I wanted to wait another month though because Kalila had a hard time w/ them early on. And it hasn’t been a week since his last new food. It has been 3 days though, so it could be worse.

Anyways… he seems to be enjoying it.  And Kalila and I are going back over the whole “don’t feed your brother” rule lol.

I did get pics of course.


2 thoughts on “Kalila Kalila Kalila

  1. Sameerah says:

    chocking at that age is a huge concern

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