BLS Again

I guess I haven’t said much on it since my last post other than how Zavier’s done with individual things we’ve introduced.  Yeah, we are still sticking with Baby Led Solids… and I’m very glad it was mentioned on CM and that I decided to look it up.

We did make a small change early on… I thought because Zavier was so young (6 months) when we introduced foods (some who use the method wait until the baby is a bit older before giving solids at all), that we’d need to cut the pieces smaller and maybe even mash some of them.  The same lady who introduced me to the idea, did avocados just before we did and I saw how she cut the pieces and it seemed to fit w/ what I was thinking… Zavier did not do well with that lol. I’m pretty sure I mentioned it in the post when we intro’d it, but we ended up putting slices in the mesh feeder and letting him feed himself that way for a few days.  I started doing more reading and realized that its important with the little ones esp to give bigger chunks because of the way their hands work. We started doing slices and he did great. Its about a month and a half later now (wow) and he’s still doing good.  He’s picking up much smaller pieces now… even did pretty good with the rice I made last week.

I’ve had a couple people ask if I’m worried about him choking…  That was something I was afraid of at first (was why we thought the bigger pieces wouldn’t work), but between research and paying attention to him while eating.. no I’m not.  Careful yes, worried no. Linking a site on the subject for anyone interested.

Baby Led and Choking

As for the situation the other day… That is not normal here. Kalila is not allowed to feed her brother.She knows better (not sure why she fought it so bad yesterday… she tried again at dinner right in front of me, Baba & Gido…).  He also does not eat in the pack n play (scene of the crime lol) or anywhere other than a high chair/my or Baba’s laps. Usually high chair.

What else (sorry a bit tired and scatterbrained today)?

Amounts… LOL  Well one of the things I like about BLS is that it emphasizes that they really aren’t important. Under a year old a baby’s main nutrition is breast milk (or formula).  My favourite way I’ve heard it described is that solids are basically dessert.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but its a lot easier (for me) this way with him in control of that completely… with spoon feeding its so tempting to try to force it, or get them to eat just a little more.

Zavier though… He can put it away when he wants too.  I’ve seen him turn down food, quite a few times (and if anyone tries to put it in his mouth he gets an attitude lol, has happened a couple times)… and we do end up with a lot of messes (food all around him). But I’ve seen him demolish an entire banana… or several sweet potato (baked) fries. Half an avocado.  Thankfully not all at once 😉  Today it was rice and green beans.  I figured I would have a lot more to clean up than I did lol.

Oh and before I go… apparently (at least so far) there’s been no reaction to the apple yesterday. Yay!



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