Kinda Old

Most of my pics lately have been from my phone so I have all these pics and video’s stored up lol.

Kalila loves “playing band” with her brother..

I love her style here 🙂  And Z’s adorable playing away at the keyboard.

Zavier started doing this awhile back and it took me awhile to get a pic. So hard to catch. Basically he’s standing in the pack n play, leaning his head against the side and letting go w/ his hands. He’s doing it less now as he tries to stand on his own (can for a few seconds!) but I loved it. Too cute.

I love the first part of this video… but Kalila started acting up at the end. Sorry about dropping the camera there, she was being rough and I was trying to get him away from her. This has started happening a little more… I don’t know if she thinks because he’s rough w/ her (yeah he picks fights now sometimes lol… but still loves on her too) that she can be too or if its jealousy or what.

Feet… Yeah his are almost as big as hers lol.  No, really the feet aren’t the crazy part… there’s a bigger size diff between their feet (although they are wearing the same size socks!) than their hands. I haven’t managed a pic of it yet, but there’s less than half an inch diff.

Now that I’ve gotten those cards cleaned out hopefully I can get some new ones lol. The kids are growing so fast.

2 thoughts on “Kinda Old

  1. christy says:

    Boys are definitely bigger than girls. Porgie and Izzy have been wearing the same size clothes and shoes for YEARS. But Porgie is still taller than Izzy (for now!).

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