Swagbucks Christmas

Yeah I didn’t have many Swagbucks cards left (although I got another right after this lol) when time came for me to start looking for Christmas gifts.  Not upset, very grateful for Kalila’s carseat and the pump… and I did have enough saved up to get something for each kid.

Here’s what I picked out. These are gonna be stocking stuffers btw.

For Kalila:

For Zavier:

Kalila has been asking for one of those for awhile… and since she’s trying to make one out of random (and sometimes unsafe) things around the house.. it seemed like a good idea lol. We got her the pink one btw.

Zavier… loves books, loves dragons.. and I really wanted to get him at least one thing that isn’t clothes.

We’re not doing the rest of our shopping until next week… So I’m guessing its not going to be online like I hoped. At least I got them a couple things like I had in mind though…

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