Poor Bub

I think I can honestly say this was the worst shot visit ever.

We’d talked about doing it yesterday, but put it off until today… and now I kinda wish we’d done it yesterday lol.  He’s fine (if sleeping and grumpy). But still…

We went in… and there were hardly any kids there.  Shouldn’t have mattered anyway because being a shot only visit we go to a separate room (not one the dr’s use), but still. Kalila played with a little boy for awhile… and we waited and waited and waited.  Not typical for these things.

Finally we got called back. Seemed like perfect timing because Zavier was getting hungry… but no because of course the nurse doesn’t come in right away (no really we always wait in the room and expect it so it really wasn’t good timing and I’m not sure why I thought it was at the time).  We get settled in and I start to nurse him… A nurse (not our regular) comes in and says she’ll be back with the shots.

This is where it starts to go wrong.  She came back in and asked me to put him on the table. We never do that… I explain that I’d like to nurse him through his shots and she tells me no.  Apparently she’s not comfortable with giving shots while a baby is nursing because “they may aspirate the milk”.  For a split second I thought about having Baba hold Zavier down and threw the idea out the window. We’ve never done that to him and I’m not comfortable with it.  So I explained that we’d discussed it w/ our dr (tech true… our reg nurse had an issue with it at first and they researched it and came away agreeing with me on the sub) and feel that its easier on the baby to do it this way.  Baba says I was a little rude (he made a point of reiterating the just a little part lol). I really didn’t mean to be, but oh well.. I’m not losing any sleep over that.  She said she’d get another nurse.  Ok.

So we had to wait a few more minutes… In which Zavier starts getting more fussy. Did not want to nurse, which is fine some visits we’ve just held him during them. But then he wanted to get down and play so he got all wiggly.   So I ended up having to pretty much hold him down anyway… was in my lap at least. But still he started crying before he even got the shot.  Which probably doesn’t sound that bad except he doesn’t cry during shots normally!

And now he’s all cranky. Which could be completely unrelated… One of the shots was the HIB, and we knew going in that he might have a mild reaction to it. We’re watching to see if a fever pops up like last time… so far no, but its still pretty early.

Thankfully this is the last shot only visit until he’s 2 1/2… so any visits we have before then we should have our nurse for.


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