Involved Sister

I need to brag on Kalila a little here. We definitely have things we have to work on.. Good days and bad days.. But she adores her brother as much as he does her.

Oh they fight.

But still, she constantly wants to help him… play with him… put him to sleep (actually managed that once)… hold him… Etc. Sometimes though… She gets a little too “helpful”..  Obviously the feeding bit was a big one. But I saw it again just now and had to share because it was cute.

Zavier is trying to stand on his own.

I know that sounds random, but stay with me here…  🙂   He’s managing… oh… about 3 seconds before falling? Its pretty cute too.

Well I put him in the pack n play, to play while I get some stuff done (out the window at the moment as he’s hungry lol) and Kalila climbed in as usual. They played together for a bit before Zavier decided he wanted to work on standing some more. I heard some fussing and looked to see him trying to stand and Kalila standing right behind him with her arms out and around.. as if she’s just waiting to catch him. Poor thing couldn’t get the room he needed to even try.

Oh hey… he’s asleep. And Kalila’s running around half crazy (she was standing here as I typed this telling me about some new word she’s made up) so its time for me to end this and get him down and her doing something so she doesn’t wake up Baba lol.

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