Short Kalila Note

Despite it being time for a break, I don’t really have much time here… but had to share.  I pulled Kalila’s laptop out again (hadn’t in awhile, no big reason just distracted and her too) and she is doing GREAT with it. She’s still playing the same game as last time… most are a little too advanced.  This word match one was a little hard for her a few weeks ago… but today I’m hearing the little ding from her getting right answers all over the place!

Even better than that… She asked to do this after lunch over watching a Dora episode! She’s been doing so good today (even on our trip to the store) that I was gonna let her watch one and she chose this instead.  Mama doing a happy dance lol.

Ok I think I only have a few minutes left of my break, and hoping to catch the buzzer before it wakes Zavier (he just fell asleep).


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