Christmas Eve

Already? 😀

Yeah Kalila has been excited all day.  She woke up this morning and told me to go back to sleep & tried to herself too lol.  Sorry doesn’t work that way, although extra sleep would be nice right? Remembered soon after that Uncle Trevor is in town and was ready to go after that lol.

She went with Gido while we took Zavier to the store… yeah shopping didn’t happen last night. Worked out, I heard it was worse last night… and really wasn’t that bad while we were there. Very crowded, but not bad.

Will have to put up a picture post later because I’m not waiting to post this one lol. We started a little tradition…. a couple years ago… where we open one gift Christmas Eve and its pj’s. I used to do the one gift thing w/ my mom (not pj’s though) and wanted to do it w/ the kids but Jas didn’t go for it at first lol. When we saw the pj’s that year it made sense to do them that way though and its stuck. We like it.  Trying to figure out how to wrap them (are in the drier right now) without Kalila seeing.

Oh and a couple random Kalila things lately… She saw the commercial for the abused pets and came in the kitchen and told me we’re getting new cats and some dogs. Didn’t ask… just told me lol.  I guess that’s better than one for a junk toy right? LOL.  She also taped up a drawing on the piano bench yesterday and asked for a jump rope to hoola hoop with.  Other than the random hoola hoop part, made me happy because we did actually get her a jump rope.

Zavier… he’s still working on his stand 🙂  And saying “boom”. Apparently he really liked that book 😀

Anyways, should go check on the food. So stinking hungry lol.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Steph says:

    Aww … too cute about the immediately going back to sleep! I wish it worked that way!

    I want to do the pjs thing too but so far we haven’t. Maybe we’ll start next year by buying the pjs this year on sale after Christmas…

  2. Diino says:

    I wishit worked that wy 🙂 Merryxmasss

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