Christmas 2010

I’m not even sure where to start lol.  Unfortunately our Christmas is all mixed up with some stuff going on w/ Kalila that I’d rather put in another post… I hope that works.  We’ll see.

Christmas Eve…

Baba & I went shopping that morning.. Crazy right? It really wasn’t that bad though.  Came back here and worked around the house most of the day, got little things done.  Baba went in to work early so he could get off in time for Midnight Mass.  We did our one gift thing that night before it… as you can see the kids were pretty tired at that point lol.

We took them in their new pj’s (I still can’t get over Zavier in his).. were afraid we’d be really late or miss it because we hit every red light possible and passed an accident, but thankfully we weren’t. Well, late yes… but we made it lol.  Kalila did great while we were there.  After Mass we ate and visited a bit… Kalila got a gift from her Uncle Nick and acted all shy with him, was cute lol.

Then we got home… and little miss would not go to sleep for anything. I can kinda understand it… She’s excited about Santa. But seriously lol… I finished wrapping things at 6 in the morning because it took so long for her to settle down (she was in bed, just keeping herself awake). Well, finished wrapping what got wrapped anyway. Kalila’s clock and Zavier’s (mostly) wooden toy set stayed out.. his for being too big and hers the odd shape.

Christmas Day

Zavier, having slept the most lol, woke up first and was all smiles.  Kalila woke up about 30 min later and played in bed a bit before remembering what day it was. She jumped up to see if Santa had ate the cookies and drank the milk. She was so excited about that, that she didn’t even look at the tree before coming to tell us! Once she remembered it she did not want to wait on Baba… said she was going to cock a doodle do so he’d wake up. Yeah I stopped that… Its cute but annoying, she’ll scream in over and over and over…  So then she told me she was going to put her hands on him… Scared me a little, but ended up being the cutest thing. She put her hand on his face and said “Baba, its time to get up” in a soft little voice.  Adorable.

So in we went…  I got a couple video’s before my card ran out of memory.

And then a bunch of pics, just gonna put a few of my fav’s here.

So glad Kalila liked her puzzles. Zavier seemed to like the stacking rings part of the toy set. And the block car from it too lol. He grabbed one of the lego’s before we put it all away (bath time) and didn’t want to let go of it… Not crazy about them being in there but mostly because we have a ton of them already.

I was going to make a big breakfast, but it just ended up being turkey bacon lol… We had to rush to Grans and ate with her there.  More gifts and visited a bit…

That last picture I’ll come back to in another post.

From there to Aunt Janelle’s.  Ate again. More gifts… White Elephant.  Had a lot of fun other than one of Baba’s cousins getting hurt. He’s ok… but still. No the rest of the day was pretty good. Kalila had a blast playing with her cousins. Zavier did too actually.  I got the cutest pic of him sleeping on Baba not long after we got there.. But once he was awake he was just a cutie pie smiling at everyone, doing his odd stare thing lol and reaching for the kids.

And no, not all those were hers lol. Just two of them.

Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?

Because I did! LOL Go figure. Back up to the morning… After the kids opened their stuff (well mostly Kalila, Zavier worked on one for awhile though) Baba had his scavenger hunt to do. I was mean this year… He had to go outside for a few of the clues lol. Finally he found his gift though… I got him a copy of one of the comics he likes online.

And that was most of our Christmas…


5 thoughts on “Christmas 2010

  1. Salma says:

    Zavier is gorgeous, I love his outfit. Kalila looks happy, that’s true beauty right? Looks like a nice day…you went shopping that morning? Oh my.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Thanks! We went shopping Christmas Eve morning… Not the best idea ever, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Christmas Day everything was closed pretty much lol.

  2. Keith says:

    love the very first pic. total excitement.

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