Yeah I know I haven’t written much lately… have been trying to get a video first and failing miserably lol.  Silly boy here got us all excited by taking two steps a couple of times a few days ago… but no camera and he hasn’t done it since.  Still hoping I catch it soon, but its still so early… I’m not gonna worry too much about it.  I do want to get that little walker toy Kalila had cleaned off and bring in for him. He’s been cruising long enough that we should have done that awhile back but I didn’t know where it was lol.

I do have some pics/video for you though.

Not getting into the whole story but Zavier helped himself to some Kibbe earlier this week… Obviously I didn’t have a camera when it happened lol, but I got some shots of him eating some a few days later.

No, wouldn’t have intro’d it quite yet (plan was 10 months) but not worried.. He seems to be doing good with it. Has opened up a lot of food choices for us too lol. Not just the beef part, but between the wheat in it and the cheerios we started before that… opened up a bunch of the “wheat products” we eat a lot of.  That being said… I am going back to the one new food (ingredient) a week thing.  This might have worked out for us, but not doing it again lol.

Finally got a good pic of his teeth too 🙂

Random other cute ones I got at the same time.

Can’t leave Kalila out…

As you can see… She’s playing hard as always lol. This is literally the only picture I’ve been able to catch of her since Christmas.  I’m determined to get a better one soon.


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