New Years… Disaster?

I didn’t want to post this yesterday…


First.. Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great (and safe) one!

Now back to what I was saying lol…

I didn’t want to post this yesterday. I had my big happy (mostly happy) memory post and I wanted it to be my last post of the year. But literally as I was in the middle of it disaster struck here. Not anything major, life threatening or absolutely horrible… just enough that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or both. What a way to end the year…

Couple of points so this makes sense.

1.  I wasn’t sitting in here when it happened. Yes in the middle of typing this… but I rarely just sit down in here and do anything on the computer. I’m up, I’m down, I’m doing several things at once… usually.  That was yesterday too. I think I had two or three months posted before this happened, not really sure though.

2. We’ve been fighting our kitchen sink all week.

I’m… not a dishes person. I’ve always hated dishes… in fact for the longest time Baba and I had an arrangement that he would take care of the dishes. Not practical anymore… and… I’d say I’ve come to terms with that lol, but no… I’m actually starting to enjoy the chore. Scary right? But this last week I was back to dreading it because our sink would just not cooperate.

It got stopped up… I used a whole jug of Liquid Plumber one day… Not something I will ever buy again. We usually get Drano. Never had a prob with it (other than I hate having it around) but Baba picked this up at Sams (a double pack). I did not realize it had bleach in it… so even if it had worked great I still would have been unhappy with the stuff. Water went down.. finally… But sink stopped right back up again. I pulled out the vinegar and baking soda.. That actually got it going for a day or so. Baba opened the second jug and we got a bit more done, but it happens again.

So… I’m in the middle of this mess with the sink… Our dishes pile up. I hate dishes piling up… but I couldn’t keep up since the sink wouldn’t cooperate.  I tried to keep them in some kind of order, but still… it was awful. And yesterday I had had it… I poured the rest of the LP in the sink and then came back this way and started that post.  I gave it extra time to work… and went back to it when Kalila decided to go outside to play.

I walked over and saw it was still having trouble… The stuff obviously wasn’t working. I walked outside and commented on it to Gido (was talking to Kalila at the time). He said something about how the pipe underneath prob needs to be cleaned out.  A little later he left.. I got a couple things done I needed (was cooking some chicken for Baba’s lunches), came back and did another month or two on the post lol… and then had the bright idea to work on it.

So I went into the kitchen and got under the sink…  I have an empty tub under there so I was figuring the water could drain into that… Not a horrible idea, maybe not the smartest ever (def not lol) but still. I unscrewed the pipe a little and water starts coming out… and the fumes.  The LP was still in the pipe! Or at least some of it was… since I was touching the pipe the stuff got all over my hands and they started burning/itching. Bright red hands.

That’s when my mom called.

At this point I’m on the phone, on my knees in front of the sink trying to make sure the water goes in the tub.. and *I can’t find an adjective showing how dumb a move I was making here that fits* that I am I’m still messing with the pipe.

The pipe comes off.

I’m on the phone… Water is gushing out. No longer going in the tub… hitting the side of the tub and hitting the wall, the cabinet, the door.. all over my pants, etc.  I jump. I hit a skillet (because remember dishes are piled up at this point because I couldn’t keep up and I’d moved the skillet just before starting this so it wasn’t where it was supposed to be anyway) which hits a cup… that flies across the kitchen and hits the floor breaking into a million pieces.

And as that was happening I hear… somewhere between a rumble and a very loud squirt.

Somewhere in there or soon after I rushed off the phone lol. Thanking God both kids were at a safe distance and just… safe at the moment.  Kalila brought me a towel and threw it across the room lol. Zavier was happily being Zavier and working on finishing up his own mess.

I got the towel and the vinegar and some paper towels and got the water cleaned up. Got the glass cleaned up. Got changed and washed my hands several times.. and then got Zavier into the tub and I will spare you the details of that…

So that’s all done… I run the water and it goes down. Yay! Run it again and standing water. Not so yay…. Pipe off again (minus the flood). Clean it again… Same thing happens. Frusterated beyond belief.

At some point there I txt’d Baba about this whole mess… Sat down did another month or two… Looked down at my phone and saw he’d asked Tia Sallie and Uncle Bud to come over. Apparently he thought I might be upset by that…  Guessing because he didn’t ask me, just sent them… But yeah… Not a chance… I was somewhere between laughing and crying and a bit dazed at that point lol. Help good. Wouldn’t have minded anyway, but at that point.. Help good. They brought some cream for my hands that I can’t use (nursing) but moot point because it was already healing… Uncle Bud looked at the bottle and said vinegar would help. So that explains that…

He  got the plunger and worked on the sink some more… So its doing pretty good now. Hoping this is the end of that drama.  I have never been so happy to do dishes lol.

So yeah… Last year didn’t end on a particularly high note lol.  Is ok though, I am already laughing about it.. I knew I would be.

4 thoughts on “New Years… Disaster?

  1. deltaflute says:

    oh, sorry. My parents said that theirs started off with a “bang”. They had a nasty storm complete with lots of lightening and tornadoes and it did damage to their outdoor overhang. Bent the thing pretty good and damaged their siding. Fortunately we had nothing like that and no major disasters.

  2. Rae says:

    That sounds crazy stressful! I am glad that you are laughing already, I think that it would take me another month or two!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah… Honestly I’m a bit surprised I am now too. This may make another post altogether though lol. Has been dinging around in my head since I read your comment earlier lol.

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