MPM 3 Jan – 9 Jan

Trying this again lol.  I have been (mostly) keeping up with menu planning lately. Our dry erase board really is good for it…  and since I stopped trying to overplan things I’m sticking to it so much better. For some reason Fridays are always off. I’ve been trying to make this same meal just about every Friday for at least a month lol. Attempting it again this week.

Monday – Chicken Adobo.  Not the crockpot version. I need to post my recipe, I tweaked and combined several to come up with my own and we love it.

Tuesday – Steak and fried asparagus.  New recipe there… saw it at the groc store and even Baba (who dislikes asparagus) thought it sounded yummy.  Will prob post about that later 🙂

Wednesday – Stuffed Chicken.  Using up stuffing from last week… I was trying to find something easy to make (drawing a blank) and found this recipe by accident. Wasn’t even in a cookbook I was looking in, Kalila had one of my Lebanese cookbooks and was looking through it at the same time, I looked over & it just looked too good.  It was… but I had extra stuffing and we don’t want to waste it.

Thursday – Pasta. Not sure what kind yet lol.

Friday – Haddock. Another recipe from teh store.. we tried it when they did the samples thing and it was great…

Saturday – Baba is making his chicken and cabbage salad.

Sunday – TBA. I really have no idea what to make Sunday. Been trying to figure it out for days now.

Note: will link Org Junkie as soon as her post goes up lol.


2 thoughts on “MPM 3 Jan – 9 Jan

  1. Salma says:

    I’ve been trying to follow a menu as well. I like what you’ve got on there…hubby’s b-day is on Sunday so will do steak or something…will check back and see how you did.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Aww hope he has a happy bday! We do steak for Baba’s too… have it about once a week anyway because we find deals on it often enough that he stocks up and if I don’t make it we’ll get overrun in beef lol. I’ve been doing better about menu planning for awhile now, so I have hope in sticking to this one.. except Friday. I’m worried about it for obvious reasons lol.

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