Apparently I looked at the wrong chart or something this morning… what I get for doing anything before caffeine.  I still think my point stands but I can’t complain about them putting Zavier in this.

Per the CDC chart he was 50% at 6 months.  WHO had him at75%. Not sure where my pedi got hers still… Maybe it was 75 this last time and 85 the time before? I remember her commenting the last couple about the drop, but.. eh. I wasn’t (still not) worried so it didn’t sink in much I guess lol.  Makes a lot more sense too, I was wondering why he’d be higher in the CDC charts (based on FF babies who tend to be heavier) than the WHO ones.  Is actually what got me to double check lol.

Since I hadn’t weighed him in awhile (and I’ve been curious about if he’d hit 20) I did that a min ago..  He has hit 20 lbs.. FINALLY.  😀  Puts him right at the same percentages as 6 months for whatever that’s worth. I’m excited about the 2o though.  My little (lol) guy has doubled his birth weight 🙂

Point being he doesn’t really factor into the article anymore (was up there at one point though).  Still bothers me though. Feelings on the subject have not changed.


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