Christmas Again..

Yeah I’ve been putting it off lol.  We had a great Christmas, we really did.. but Kalila..  It was a little rough on her. I do need to back up a little though.

Most of you know we’ve had a hard time w/ pt. Summing it up, last summer she decided she no longer wanted to wear diapers… and had spurts of doing really well with it.  She did great out of the house… I can count on one hand how many wet accidents she had in public or at other’s houses.  Here… was a different story.  She’d just go, not even trying to make it… and would just get quiet about it or at most say she didn’t want to or something like that… From there it went to poo accidents becoming an issue. She was using her potty for that at first, but she stopped and would try to hide it from us.  When we tried to clean her up she’d scream and throw huge fits. It was awful.. but it got better. The past few months (couple months?) she was doing great. Poo accidents still, but no fighting to get clean.. would let us know. Wet… I can think of two accidents and they were both on the way to the potty.

The week of Christmas, or at least the few days before it, that all turned around.. Right back to the accidents, the screaming and hiding.   Granny swore up and down she just couldn’t make it and stuff, but no.. sh wasn’t even trying anymore..closing up again.. all that fun stuff.  Baba thought she was jealous of Zavier.  Which I’ll agree to a point, I do see that going on a little but this was out of the blue. Christmas stress maybe? I think that’s a little more likely… who knows.Anyways it got worse Christmas Day.  She had accidents at two different houses… Thankfully we had extra stuff and managed.

If that had been the only issue this prob wouldn’t be written. Frusterating, but she’s had slides with it before… and she’s done great with pt lately so keeping that in perspective.

But it wasn’t.  And the rest was… just not like her.

She was really rude to people.  It started at Grans house. She opened her gift, got a look on her face and started yelling no that she didn’t like it and that she wanted her gifts or “my own gifts” as she put it.  Complete with a little attitude.  It was a stuffed moose and she loves moose? mooses? However you say it she loves those animals…  We were all taken aback by it… and then Uncle Trevor tried to smooth things over by giving her another of his gifts… The stuffed Wall-E.  For a second she looked thrilled. Her jaw dropped. Her hands went up to her face. And then she hit it and said she didn’t like it.  Baba had a talk with her and tried to get her to apologize (I don’t think she ever did honestly).  We discussed leaving his aunts if she continued acting like that… and she did a lot better from what I saw.  During the gifts she was great about the ones from Kris Kringle (an aunt lol) and Gido. But Uncle Trevor’s last gift (stuffed Chestire Cat) had the same ugly reaction.  Later Baba said he saw her fussing a bit with the kids… I must have missed that, they were getting along everytime I saw them. Her usual running around and stuff, but not being mean. He said she was and they talked about it or whatever.

I’m still at a loss over that whole mess because that is just not Kalila. She doesn’t act like that. We have our issues but not that. Ok the fighting with the kids sure lol… We’ve dealt with that a couple times, not happy about it but they’re kids and it happens.  But the rude part. So not her.Thankfully I haven’t seen any of it since.. So holiday stress? Maybe…

But… a few days later (still wanting nothing to do with the stuffed animals) she told me she was scared of them.  ???  She has gotten over it…

But now she’s saying she’s scared of everything.  Which brings this to an end becuase that starts a whole post of its own.. and I need to get a few things done first.


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