New Dr…

So we’ve been looking for a family dr for awhile.  Is kinda funny that it worked out similarly to the kids pedi. We called this place after one of the dr’s being recommended there, but ended up with a diff one in the practice.  It looks like it worked out just as well this time too.

Baba was the one who saw him. We had the kids with us, so I didn’t get to go back there as planned. He had to have his toe worked on and yeah… not such a good idea to have the kids in there for that.  He really liked him though and at the end Dr. E came out and talked to me and stuff too. I’ve never seen a dr do that before.

So it looks like we have a family dr now 🙂  We’re still gonna use Dr M for the kids well visits. We like her… Dr E could do it too (and we’re planning to use him for kids sick visits) but we’re not going to switch for those unless we actually need too.  I still have a few questions, things I want to watch for… but hopefully it’ll be awhile before we have to go back or deal with any of that lol.

Completely unrelated but sweet… After that we took Kalila to play on one of the little playground things. There were two little kids already there and they climbed up and were looking out a window. Baba reached up and was playing with them all from the outside and we heard Kalila say “That’s my daddy, that’s my Baba. He can do anything!”  We both melted lol.

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