New Toy & Homemade Ravioli

Yeah I got a new toy and I’m very excited about it.  We were given an Amazon gift card for Christmas and after talking about it a little, and me browsing a lot… I found a bread machine on sale 🙂

Oddly enough my first time using it I’m not doing bread at all. For one thing we don’t really need any yet, groc run was Sunday and it came in on Tuesday.  I had pasta on the menu for today though and one of the functions on there is to make pasta dough. You can make jam too lol.

Now we use whole wheat here… so of course I go to the whole wheat recipes section on the booklet. Unfortunatley the one pasta recipe with it was half and half.  We bought that unbleached flour awhile back but I think its gone now… So I just used 4 cups whole instead of 2 and 2.  Learned a lesson from that.. If you’re doing that (on pasta setting anyway) add extra water and put it through a second cycle. I’m gonna try adding the extra water from the beginning next time and see if one cycle will do, but… yeah everything was crumbly after our first this time and I thought I wasted my good flour lol. Glad it worked out.

I decided the middle would be cream cheese (really the only kind we have now lol), mushrooms, onions and garlic.  I sauteed the last 3 in butter and then pureed them in the chopper/blender I (also) got for Christmas. LOL.

This would have worked out a bit better if I had a pasta roller. I rolled them out by hand, used a jar to cut circles.. and added the cream cheese and mixture.. added some egg around the edges and put another circle on top.

I boiled them for about 10 minutes and put pasta sauce. I thought about making that too but decided that’d be a bit much for this time.. and for this week lol.

Yeah… the mixture inside was great. At least I thought so.. and Kalila ate it out so guess she liked it too.  The “pasta” wasn’t bad but I really didn’t get it thin enough. Turned out more like stuffed dumplings lol. Definitely a try again, but maybe not until I get a pasta roller lol.  May be awhile….  Looking forward to making bread on Monday though!


2 thoughts on “New Toy & Homemade Ravioli

  1. Mona says:

    That looks yummy! I really want a breadmaker but my kitchen is teeny. InshaAllah one day!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      🙂 Thanks.. and Understood. Our last kitchen was too small too. I kept telling myself that I didn’t really want one, that it was easy enough to make w/out. That changed after adding another baby lol.

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