Before I get into this I have to share a new trick Kalila has learned that I knew would happen, but not happy about. Playing me & Baba.  We’ve caught her at it before… but yesterday she asked me for a small thing of icecream. She’d eaten, was being good… all day… I figured ok.  Said yes, got her the icecream and said bye to Baba (was off to work). About 5 or 10 min later (after she’d eaten most of it) she let me know that Baba told her she couldn’t have any. Today it was a tortilla that she had at lunch (was a taco) and hid away.  I thought they were long thrown like the should have been so more than one issue here 😦  But yeah. I told her to throw it, she walked in and told Baba who said she could have it thinking she’d gotten the taco out of the bag. No…. Apparently he didn’t hear me in here.  Uggh. Yes, tortilla is long thrown now.  Blech.

Ok… the scared thing.  All week long, two weeks now? Whatever… She’s been saying she’s scared of EVERYTHING. Won’t leave the room without us, won’t stay in a room if we leave it. Completely out of character.  It is getting better, but its still happening a lot. I think I’ve heard the “I’m scared” comment at least 5 times today.

Its just a phase. I know its just a phase.

But… its also caused another backslide on getting her into her own bed. Not that she was there every night or all night or anything, but she wouldn’t even touch it.  I know its not a permanent fix, but the other day I remembered a tip I learned long before we had kids (LOL wasn’t even dating Baba yet) on transitioning from the family bed to their own.  I liked the idea when I read it, but had discounted it after Kalila was born because Baba didn’t want to cosleep for as long as it assumed (or as long as I’d assumed lol). And we didn’t… She was out, just came back and I didn’t realize that put it back as an option.

Anyways I’m babbling. We moved her bed into our room. It fits. It fits well.  And she’s over the moon excited about it.  Still won’t stay in it all night… No, the night before last she did. But I know its gonna take work/time.  I think she’s ready despite all the stuff going on with her.  Could be wrong, but I don’t think she’d be so excited about it if she weren’t.

A couple bonuses with this.. Gives me time to get her room the way I want it. Room to do extra cleaning in there. All that fun stuff.  And it gives Zavier time… we’ve talked about transitioning him (mostly because 2 kids in there is a lot harder than 1 and getting to be too much), but he is nowhere near ready. Is getting close to the age Baba prefers though, so hopefully he’ll be ready by then or close to then. One at a time though..

Mmm I smell dinner.  Going off of the menu again today lol.  Haddock is prob going back for next week. Tilapia tonight… at least its still fish right?


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