Just have to get this out because I keep going over and over it in my head lol.

I am so stinking nervous about Zavier’s next dr’s appointment.

I was a little bit before yesterday… Two different reasons. One is kinda silly because it really has nothing to do with him. Kalila’s 9 month visit was not the best. She’d lost a normal amount of weight, but was weighed incorrectly the visit before (seriously they left her diaper on when they aren’t supposed too) and exaggerated it resulting in a weight check and a lot of stress.  I know I’ve mentioned that before so sorry for the repeat. There’s no way the same will happen. I know Zavier’s gained weight since his last visit, his loss was at 5 months and nicely in between visits lol.  He is gaining slower than before though  (again normal) and there’s that little part of me worried it’ll come up. The other is really more worrying. His rashes. Dr M was not happy about them the last visit. I don’t remember if I mentioned it on here or not. She thought they were yeast (nope) and keeps trying to push fungus cream. He has sensitive skin… the rashes are not just on his diaper area (and none look/feel like yeast).  She’s not happy he’s had so many (well neither am I lol) and he just can’t have one at our next visit.  So putting stress on myself there because I have no idea what is causing it. We’ve figured out a few of them, for instance I can’t drink lemonade.  But… sigh.

But now I have a whole new reason to worry.

We’re seeing a new dr.  Apparently Dr. M is taking a leave of absence and they don’t know when she’ll be back.  I found out when we rescheduled his 9 month appointment.  I might not have minded so much if we’d seen this other dr before… but we haven’t.  Totally new dr. Have no idea what she’s like. I’ve found one review online that says she’s good with kids (personable). That’s good… but doesn’t help much lol.

Deep breath.  I know it comes down to what we say goes… but are we going to have to deal with someone giving us a hard time w/ our choices?  So far we’ve been lucky.  Dr. M is great.  Esp compared to some of the ones I’ve heard horror stories about lol.

Well to be honest with myself I think those are part of the problem… Maybe I need to avoid Cafemom like the plague for the next month lol.

But seriously it does have me worried.  Esp the stories about dr’s who’ve retracted the poor baby before the parent could stop them.  Makes me wish we had one of Dr. Momma’s onsies lol.  Is probably (now) my biggest worry about the visit, but not the only one.  There’s also what I mentioned above… esp the weight thing. I was a tiny bit worried about it before.. but now? Are we gonna get grief for it slowing down? Or if she thinks he’s gaining too fast? Yes I’ve heard of that coming up too lol.  Not as big a worry but its there among other “little ones”.

Thankfully I don’t feel like I’m completely off my rocker here because Baba’s a little nervous too and I’m normally the one to over worry with the kids.

Ok done venting now lol. Hopefully this’ll help me not overthink it so much lol. Maybe. Possibly…


6 thoughts on “Nervous

  1. christy says:

    Doctor visits can be stressful, but I always try to remember that they are WORKING for me. I pay them to perform a service, not to give me grief regarding parenting choices.

  2. deltaflute says:

    totally agree with Christy. I hate pediatrician appointments in general but the worst case scenario is that the pedi you see is terrible (discard their advice) and you reschedule for another appointment when yours comes back. Sounds like she had a family situation or something. I hope that she’s okay.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I actually don’t mind them that much…

      As for if we get a terrible one, my main concern is the retracting thing more than the bad advice. Don’t get me wrong I’d be annoyed by it lol and might even start double guessing myself for a moment (which in turn would annoy me more), but I know I have enough support to recognize that if it happens.

      I’m hoping she’s ok too. She has kids, one is right around Z’s age. A little worried about her too… they were vague about it over the phone, which I understand, but made it sound like something was wrong even if its not.

  3. kim says:

    could it be a detergent thing for the rashes? I have also heard of clothes rashes like sensitive to buttons etc… just a thought.

    and i stopped going over to cafemom for those same reasons. They all have the strangest or most exaggerated stories. i don’t believe most of them…lol.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      What’s sad is I’m only talking about the stories I do believe lol. I have seen some crazy stuff, but not paying attention to that esp here.

      As for detergents. I don’t remember how he did w/ our homemade kind, but I know he’s reacted to some. Gido washed a blanket once and it was bad. But we use soapnuts now, which are both hypoallergenic and recommended for people with eczema and other skin issues. Could he react to it? Possibly.. Not as likely as detergent but possible. However they come and go… and we use the things on everything.

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