Facebook oh Facebook…

A lot of you (esp if you’re on facebook) know about the whole “breastfeeding drama” going on there.  I hadn’t planned to post on it… There are a lot of other posts from other bloggers who reach more people and I think have done a much better job than I would.  But after a couple comments I’ve seen lately I do have to say a few things on the topic.

1.  This is not just about sharing pictures of women breastfeeding their babies.  Facebook has been deleting groups that provide help to breastfeeding mothers.  These groups are a huge source of support when a mother is struggling and can be the difference between continuing the nursing relationship and quitting.

2. Facebook allows pictures that show more skin than the breastfeeding pictures they’ve banned.  People have lost accounts for pictures where nothing (literally) is showing. I just saw another deleted photo that falls under that category.  There are, however, tons of pictures where the lady might as well be topless if she isn’t already.  I’ve seen boudoir pictures pop up in my own newsfeed.  I really don’t want to see those… but ok if she feels the need to share them, I can click ignore.  Is sad that I can’t do the same with pictures of me and my child that show much less without risking losing my account.

3. I’m just going to link another post here because I think it has some excellent points on why the pictures should be allowed in the first place.  -> Breaking it down for Facebook.  Note the first part is just on the history of what’s going on, but the part I’m getting at in particular is a little farther down.

Anyways that’s my last 2 cents on the subject… besides any posts from friends I think are worth sharing on there. Anyone who doesn’t want to read them… there is that ignore button 😉

2 thoughts on “Facebook oh Facebook…

  1. Cammie says:

    I didn’t know this was going on again! When will they learn? How annoying!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yup.. it has been for awhile now. One group has been deleted 3 times (got reinstated in between). Others are getting deleted left and right… Weds there’s a “log off for the day” protest going on. Its gotten beyond ridiculous. Of course staying off for a day may be good for me 😉 LOL

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