What An Evening…

Thankfully for the past few days, at least, the kids have been on a sleep schedule (of sorts) that’s been working…  Kalila was skipping naps again but doing well with it. Today she decided she needed one, but of course took it way too late.

While she was sleeping Zavier woke up and needed a diaper change. I pointed out a spot on his leg to Baba before picking him up, just another eczema spot but a little darker than normal and in a new place.  I started changing him and was surprised to see that his diaper area was completely clear.  No rash, not red… perfectly clear skin. But his legs were red and rashy… Baba made a comment about putting him in a prefold alone to help him clear up, which made me laugh a bit considering, but its not gonna hurt him so ok. But before I could put any diaper on he decided he was very unhappy about this whole thing and wanted some milk. I got attacked. I asked Baba for some help putting the diaper on and was waiting for him to join us when it happened… I got peed on again.  Now the reason I mention this is that I had a seriously blonde moment. I was surrounded by diapers… I’d just folded them. But instead of grabbing one and blocking I just watched him do it for a second like I didn’t know what to do or something.. completely spaced out.  Laughed at myself when I snapped out of it and Baba laughed at me too. Got us cleaned up and noticed that his bum was no longer clear… Showed Baba and yup… one side has eczema there too. Literally was clear a few minutes before. ???   He got ahold of a wash cloth a little later and had a blast with it. Was funny… I asked him if he could say “washcloth” (yeah right lol) and he said “Ba Ba Da!” whatever that means 😀 and then he kept rubbing it over the back of his head and feet. Kept him entertained for the longest time…


Kalila woke up.  Crying. I tried to calm her down, but she didn’t want anything to do with me. Asked for her medicine at one point… but that didn’t make me wonder because she loves her vitamins and asks for them several times a day and I’m always having to tell her that she can only have them once and why.  Said she was hungry… Food was almost ready so I let her know that and this continued on a few minutes. Then I realized she was soaked. She was wearing a flowery dress that hid it pretty well until I got close enough to touch her/it.  She ran away from me… This whole thing continues on a bit longer before she walked over by Baba who looked at her and saw (prob from his position in a chair, I was standing) her eyes glazed. Yup. Night terrors back. The past few days we’ve had night mares… but she hasn’t had a terror in months.  She’s out of it now and doing much better.

Dinner…  I kinda feel sorry for Baba. He hates lentils. We had them tonight. Zavier and I loved it. Kalila… had seconds. I caught her skinning some of the lentils, but she still ate them lol.

6 thoughts on “What An Evening…

  1. Salma says:

    You are a hoot, really. But I must say this getting peed on thing is not something I have gotten used to. I am far from ready to raise a baby boy even if it’s been a couple months already.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      LOL Thanks 🙂 I should be used to it… Kalila was much worse about peeing on us than Zavier is. If I’m paying attention I can get him to a sink or potty mid change if needed and if not he just wets whatever is under him or whatever… but I was holding him tummy to tummy, my leg was just in the way lol. Raising a boy is different though… So far I’m loving it though. Boys actually seem a lot easier than I thought!

  2. Stacy says:

    Layla has days where she doesn’t want to nap either. In that case, I close her in her room and still make her stay in there for at least an hr. Try those door knob covers so she can’t open the door. Works like a charm 🙂 Most of the time Layla will fall asleep, otherwise she just looks at books.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Well that wouldn’t work so well considering we don’t have doors on the bedrooms yet lol. That’s a project we mean to do soon. If these have the same knobs as our bathroom door we won’t need to use covers to stop her, she has major problems getting it to open. I’m kinda glad we can’t though because Baba would want ot attempt that again and all it does is cause screaming fits here. They do end in sleep… but I’m not sure its worth it. She seems to be doing better w/out a nap lately though so its all a moot point lol.

  3. lilzbear says:

    Hey Mama K! Thanks for stopping by and your kind words! Baby rashes are the worst. What cloth diapers do you use? I have been thinking for weeks now to make a switch to cloth, but I must admit, I am a little nervous about it since disposables are sooo easy.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      No prob.. 🙂 I love finding new blogs and our LO’s are so close in age.

      We use a combo here. Prefolds with covers mostly, pockets at night… but I’m starting to use them during the day a lot too because he’s good at taking velcro off and is very wiggly lol. As for ease pocket or AIO are exactly like sposies going on. Prefolds aren’t really that much harder, I usually prefer them… Brand wise… we have both Chinese and Indian prefolds (ok those arent really brands but I rarely see a brand on those), Thirsties & Wonder Wraps covers, and pockets… we have Katydid, Rumparooz, Rearz, and Bububibi. All of them I have categories for on here so you can see the reviews. Hoping soon to have one for Doopsy’s too… I’ve also tried the old Knickernappies and BG3.0’s but no longer use them.

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