Where’s The Pictures?

I didn’t realize until earlier today that I am really behind on pictures here. None of the kids since Christmas? Oops! Completely not intentional… If you’re on FB I have put up a few on there, but honestly not very many either…  I’m gonna try to get them up asap though.


We’re in the middle of all kinds of stuff here though… Baba started classes again. He’s going full time this semester so that’s pretty different. Not bad… just different.  Its also one of those semesters where he’s taking a bunch of classes that I loved… LOL he came in with a book I already had, but one edition newer…

I have several blog posts in my head, but for now they’re staying there. Hopefully soon lol.



2 thoughts on “Where’s The Pictures?

  1. sallie says:

    there are pics from my sister in laws home birth, take a look. You would be proud, also read the birth story it is gripping!



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