Figured It Out

I went to get some new pictures of the kids yesterday and figured out why I haven’t posted any lately. They’re all blurry! 😀  Seriously they just don’t stop moving.  Over half the ones end up like this one I took yesterday:

I did catch a few good ones of them playing:

And before anyone so nicely goes there, ignore the floor… It had just been cleaned but we’ve had plumbers traipsing back and forth through there. Hopefully I’ll have a post up about that soon… like after they finish up today :-/

A few more from yesterday.

Can you believe how tall this girl is? If you’re wondering about the big tubs, I’ve been going through the kids old clothes… putting aside the ones we’re keeping for future babies and pulling out the ones we’re passing on.  Which reminds me, I’m hoping to finish that today (crossing fingers lol) and need to put the ones you see there out in storage.

Zavier… Yes he fell asleep in the high chair again lol.

Kalila the pirate 😀

I did find some older pictures that haven’t made it up yet.

Baba wanted me to get one of Zavier in this onsie. Its one he got for Kalila and I found while I was going through clothes.

Us playing around the same day.

No clue exactly when I took this, but look at those smiles!  (wait could this one be older than I think? I don’t see his teeth lol. I did have him in that shirt sometime in the last week.. I’m confused!)

Kalila passed out on her bed after we moved it… One of her rare naps.

Swinging back the other direction lol.. Here are a few from today!

Here’s a way to get a non blurry picture 😉 Zavier sound asleep!

Kalila being a sweet heart. You can’t really see it (I don’t think) but the poor thing has a ton of static in her hair today. I can’t get it to go away either lol.

I just love this picture of her.

Ok… I’ve got lots to do today so I need to end this lol.  I do have some video’s to go through later though 😀


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