Plumbers, Coupons & Something Else

I’m taking a break right now… Tired of standing in the kitchen lol. And if you can’t tell my brain froze and I forgot part of what I was gonna write about tonight! Hoping I’ll remember by the end of this…

So the kitchen sink…

LOL Yeah… Not long after my last post on the subject it started having problems again.  I am very thankful that it was fixed for the short time that it was… because between that and me attempting to do the Flylady thing (not going to lie, I’m not keeping up as well as I’d like, but I’m determined to stick with it) it kept things from exploding too badly.

Monday Baba and I got up early and were gonna get going on it… when we realized it was beyond what we could fix.  I’m not sure why we waited until Thursday to call the plumber lol.  No I think we were still kidding ourselves at the beginning of the week is what it was.  Either way I called the plumber yesterday.

Completely surprised that they said they’d be out here in an hour or two… and they were.  Of course just as they were pulling up both kids had accidents and had to have baths.  Of course.  Wasn’t too bad though… just had me frazzled for a bit trying to do several things at once.  But yeah they tried the snake thing and that didn’t work. Went for some sulfur something or another and that didn’t work. Said they’d be back today with another tool to blow it out.  They did and it didn’t really take all that long. The price wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it’d be, was the same as they quoted the first day.  So good experience even if the situation stunk… well the house did too after the sulfur stuff lol.

Of course now that leaves us with a working sink and a lot of work for me. I’ve been in the kitchen for what seems like all afternoon, but I know that’s not true.. esp since I sat down to take a break here. Feet hurt. I’ve made a huge dent… I want to say I’m half way done.  My plan is to knock it out tonight and then do the FlyLady stuff (because this is the kitchen week) tomorrow, catch up as much as I can. We’ll see.

On a completely diff subject…

Baba went to the store earlier and had a blast with coupons lol. He was so excited and it was cute! I’m not complaining a bit…  Was all either needed or I can use to make a menu for next week, so it works. I have the hardest time w/ couponing… I want to do it, but not that great at it… yet.

I still can’t remember what the other thing was… Could it have been the cleaning stuff? I really don’t know!


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