LOL Now I Remember!

Apparently I just needed to sleep on it or something… Kinda surprised I forgot though because its something I was very very excited about yesterday.


Specifically new diapers. Diapers I’ve been wanting to try. And one of them is free 😀

Last week sometime Baby EcoMart posted online that they’re doing a new deal. Spend $35 and get a free one size diaper.  I mentioned it to Baba and he gave me the ok to do that… teased me about the hemp liners I was leaning towards putting in the order, but still.  At that point I was assuming I’d get a Doopsy (which we all know I’ve been itching to try), maybe two or maybe that and inserts or something.

Side note here:  We’re still using prefolds.. a lot. I still love prefolds. I’m not to thrilled with my covers right now, but that’s a completely different story that I need some perspective before writing about or writing more about.  But between Zavier being more active lately, the cover issue and everything… we use the pockets during the day some too.  Even with these extra’s we still won’t do pockets full time… but it’ll help out a little.

While I was waiting to place the order (had to wait until yesterday) I saw someone comment on the size of Doopsy’s.  They’re a one size diaper and Zavier is nowhere near the limit really, but someone was saying something about bigger babies & I saw hints that she may be unveiling one for them soon (hopefully right?).  It made me think twice though… So I got on the site and started looking at all of the diapers there, and saw the Knickernappies.

Its been a long time since I’ve mentioned them hasn’t it? Remember this post when I first got Kalila a sized one (before the one size style came out)… The last line makes me laugh now…  I did end up putting some on the registry, but didn’t get one (didn’t expect to either) and BG’s were nowhere near on there.

Anyways, that diaper was easily my favourite of Kalila’s pocket diapers… and now that I’m thinking about it Zavier might just fit into it now.  I’ve come to really like some of the brands we’ve tried with Zavier though and didn’t miss not having one.  It completely slipped my mind until I got on there and saw it.. and saw that it has a weight limit 5 lbs over Doopsy’s.  And comes in a chocolate colour… Have I mentioned that I’ve been drooling over the idea of a chocolate one for awhile? 😀  I saw one in the store here that closed and was so sad that it was a sized diaper and way too expensive.

So… stay on track here lol. I decided on a Doopsy and a Knickernappies. I have no idea what the free one will be, but hey its free!  And because I have to give Baba a hard time… the inserts with the second diaper are hemp 😀  Have I mentioned that I’ve decided I love hemp in diapers? It drives him nuts lol. Works so well though!



4 thoughts on “LOL Now I Remember!

  1. lilzbear says:

    Lil Z’s nursery decor is chocolate brown (I love that color!) so the idea of a chocolate brown diaper has me drooling too! I am still on the research phase as I consider making a switch to cloth…

    • Mama Kalila says:

      🙂 I had fun researching them all… Kalila wasn’t much younger than Lil Z when we made the switch with her. We kinda did it as we went though because our plan was as cheap as possible at first lol. I’ll def get pics of the new diapers and do another post about them later on. I’m still excited lol, I love doing the diaper posts 😀

  2. Steph says:

    My favorite liners were hemp. 🙂

    When we moved into our current house, we decided to have the kids share a bedroom but the best room for it was a glaring teal color. I just couldn’t do that color. Yikes. So we had Kairi and Alex help us pick out a new paint color and Kairi picked a chocolate brown. I was afraid of how dark it’d be but I really do love it! Now, I need to get some more bright colors in there but I love the way it looks right now. And I’ve found myself looking for chocolate colored things for other parts of the house too. I bet it’d be a fabulous color on a diaper.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I’ve never used liners, but really want to try hemp prefolds. Too expensive but I can dream lol. Maybe on a future kid… would be nice for this one cause he’s such a heavy wetter, but oh well.

      I’ve seen some rooms done in dark colours before and it can look really nice. I’d kinda like to try it… or anything. We have awful off white walls again. 😦 Someday… I have big plans for when we have our own place lol.

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