Never Again…

Got a new jacket the other day… mostly just to wear around here, but I grabbed it on the way out this morning since its all rainy and nasty outside. Yeah never wearing that out again lol… I got asked twice if I’m pregnant again. Made Baba and Gido laugh though. Ok.. ok.. I’m laughing now too, but no.

Has been a pretty good day I guess…

Well Kalila’s not feeling great this afternoon. She laid down in the middle of lunch.. said she didn’t feel good, even asked me why she didn’t.  And then had issues once we got home too, poor thing.  Thankfully she’s the only one who has whatever it is so far…

Church was nice though.  Both kids did really well this week despite us going to the later Mass (meant to go yesterday).

And other than her not feeling great the only issue we’ve had so far today was over a candy or gum thing Kalila wasn’t supposed to have (I thought someone gave her a toy ball, but its not) she’s behaved really well at home too.

Tired… I think there was somthing else I wanted to post about but I can’t remember again. Oh well…


2 thoughts on “Never Again…

  1. Salma says:

    Seriously I want to see that jacket, lol.

    Hope Kalila feels better. Kisses to Zavier too.

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