MPM 17 Jan – 23 Jan

I guess its a good thing I forgot to post last week because with all the craziness around here, we didn’t really stick to it at all.  Things are back to normal, or at least getting there… so I have hope for this week!

Arrrg! My camera died.  I can’t get pics on the comp right now…. There goes the post I had written lol.

I took the picture right after I made the menu, so you can see yesterday’s meal on there too (or you would if you could see it lol).  Baba asked for Khligh specifically… and I’m glad he did, it turned out great.  If you’re wondering what it is, its a very simple beef shank recipe that I got from The Africa Cookbook.  We don’t use it (the cookbook that is) very often, but I’m so glad I decided to try this recipe awhile back.  Makes me glad we have it.. and makes me smile because Baba gave me this book on our first date 🙂

What’s not on there… I ended up making two dinners last night.  Kalila really was sick.  Is sick.  I wrote the post yesterday while she napped… talked to Grandpa on the phone for a little bit and then she woke up and called for me. I went in there to find her very hot and sweating.  Checked her temp and yup… 103. It came down pretty quickly… but as soon as I realized she was that sick I started making a soup for her (among other things lol).  I typically do an onion/garlic soup when I’m sick… but she’s in a disliking onions phase so I added green beans, alphabet pasta and carrots in the mix. Figured even just the broth cooked with the onions would be good… But she ended up trying and liking them. Once she realized they were onions (not unions like I tried to type lol) she told me “well, I don’t like spicy onions”. LOL  She was feeling better when she woke this morning, but her fever’s coming back (as did the tummy trouble).  She’s asleep again now (with onions in her socks, she thinks its funny/tickles).

Zavier doesn’t seem to have caught it, at least not yet. Has had some iffy diapers, but no fever.  He had some of her soup yesterday too. Well not so much the soup, but the stuff in it… He didn’t seem to care for the pasta (usually likes it, but we normally do whole wheat so that might have been the diff) but ate all of his green beans, a good amount of carrots and some onion too. That last one was kinda funny to watch… not that he made any faces or anything, just looked funny.

Anyways… Our menu for this week:

Monday – Cheese Enchiladas

Tuesday – Chicken & Dumplings

Wednesday – Tuna Tabouli

Thursday – Stroganoff

Friday – Beans & Rice

Saturday – BBQ Chicken

Sunday – Bamya

I’m excited about this week. One of the free items we got w/ those coupons was a package of corn tortillas, so the enchiladas made perfect sense. I haven’t made them in awhile so I’m really excited about that! We do need more eggs first though so Baba better not put off the Sams trip much longer lol. Obviously I’m not going like we planned… Kalila’s not up to it.  The tabouli… I’m not using the recipe I posted about before… Doing our normal one and mixing the tuna with it. I did kinda like the other even if it was a bit strange, but curious about how this will be.


4 thoughts on “MPM 17 Jan – 23 Jan

  1. Steph says:

    Mmm … Cheese enchiladas sounds so good! I may be changing our menu plan to that for tonight! lol

    I need to start planning my menus again. Recently I’ve just been jotting our meal options down on the white board on the fridge, but I need to also keep them on the comp so that I can make my menu plan on here as well.

    Hope the babies are feeling better soon!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Thanks. I was really happy with how mine turned out this time. Everything came together… the whole week really. I’m still doing mine on the board too, just copying over like this partly to keep up the MPM thing and hold myself accountable for doing it lol… and partly because I can link recipes if needed this way.

  2. Salma says:

    Okay, planning menu I am up for it every time I see a menu Monday post *sigh*
    Gonna look at that Africa cookbook.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      LOL I’ve been doing mine between Friday and Sunday every week… haven’t settled into a routine with it yet.

      The Africa cookbook… This is really the only recipe we use from it. I’m glad I have it, hope to try others… but so far no. I love African food, but it doesn’t have much from TZ and its easier to get online lol. But I’m glad I have it 🙂

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