End in Sight :-)

So much to catch up on… Sorry.  Combo of so much going on and just not feeling like writing lately. Esp with the whole no pictures thing. You know the whole my camera won’t upload mess… I can put the cards directly on Baba’s comp, but haven’t had the time or anything. Uggh. Frustrated again just thinking about it lol. I haven’t even felt like reading posts the past day or so, so I’m gonna have a lot to catch up on soon…when/if I have time.

Anyways trying to figure out the best way to do this… I have a feeling I won’t be able to without jumping around so I’m gonna apologize for that now.. hope you don’t get lost here!  I have some good news towards the end…

Zavier… where to even start with this boy lol.

He’s not much farther with walking than he was.. can take about 5 steps on his own but the last week or so he hasn’t really seemed to want to.  He’ll do it maybe once a day or two. He loves standing on his own (has to have both hands full of toys lol) but is starting to be more cautious about the moving part. He’ll just randomly stand there for the longest time though. And crawling, he’s definitely got that down.  I almost got a video of some steps the other day when my memory ran out. I think I got one before that happened. So upset lol.  Oh well…

He loves to dance now… Kinda did before, but its gotten beyond cute now. He actually shakes his little backside! I need a video……

Is still eating well. We haven’t seemed to have any reactions so far so very happy about that. He does have the rashes still, but I can’t figure out any patterns to it other than when I drink certain things.. . Speaking of… It does look like he’s still reacting to me drinking lemonade… I tried it again this week :-/   Orange juice isn’t an issue anymore though, so improvement.

He tried to introduce grapes to himself today lol. Not planning to do that one anytime soon, but we bought some at the store earlier and he turned around and tried to grab one out of the bag… apparently it wasn’t zipped all the way. I got him away from them in time though.

Kalila scared us all pretty good right around the same time that happened. She jumped up on the side of the cart as we were heading out the door and bonked her head on the frame. Yes she’s ok… poor thing though.

She is doing really good… Just in the past week or two we’ve noticed a lot of changes with her.  Her vocab has jumped again. She’s starting to put more things together. Behaving… better lol.  Today has been an amazing day on that topic.  She has just been great today.  She got a little whiney on the way home this evening, but expected… she’s tired by that point.. and it was just a little whiney not full out tantrum lol. Edit: as I was writing this she woke up and had a mini one over leaving/not leaving with Gido…  Still not as much as normal and its late.

She has learned a new game… as of today… The “Are we there yet?” game… Baba’s reaction about had me in tears I was laughing so hard.  Sigh… I knew it’d happen eventually, but it still caught us off guard.

A little worried about her though, something we’re keeping an eye on…  I know I mentioned awhile back that she got sick. Pretty sure it was just a virus going around. She had a high fever and diarrhea.  It went away, she seems back to normal.  I don’t remember if her bedwetting (and despite all our pt issues, she’s pretty good about not doing that.. stopped that before giving up diapers) started right before, during or after she got sick… but she’s been wetting it about once or twice a night lately.  She’s had night terrors again too and we figured they were connected.

Well today she was complaining that the bottom of her tummy hurt and then when we went to the bathroom she couldn’t go. Like couldn’t pee either and thats what she said she had to do… She really tried too.  After we left I remembered a friends blog post about warning signs for a UTI in kids

She hasn’t had a fever since last week.. I don’t think last week’s would be connected, but we’re keeping an eye on it. Zavier has to go in to the dr on Monday so gonna bring it up then.. and watching her closely/kiddie cranberry tablets (won’t hurt her even if she doesn’t have one) in the meantime.

I already mentioned me being annoyed about the camera thing lol. But yeah… aggrivated enough I’ll throw it in a third time.  Other than that I’ve been pretty good though.

I had a non pregnancy related appointment at the Birth Center on Tuesday.  Reiterating the non pg part lol.  It went well and it was great to see the midwives again. 🙂  Zavier showed off while we were there and fell in love with some tractor toys, so cute.  I got a reference to an herbalist here and still need to look into that.

Baba… yes Baba is the one with the exciting news.

Poor thing is kinda sick right now and seems to have pinched a nerve… not the exciting or good part.  Hoping he gets to feeling better soon!

But the good news, the exciting news… is that he had his appointment w/ his counselor today.  He only has 12 hours left to graduate!  Tech he could in 9 but it would actually take him longer because he’d need to wait for Latin 2… so 12 hours lol… 3 classes this summer and then senior seminar next fall.

We’re very happy about that…

And I think my pot is thoroughly soaked so I should get back to that! 😉




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