Great Day… Rough Evening

Today started off pretty good. Not that tonight is horrible or anything, just.. not as good lol.

Baba got home around 12 and it was so nice outside. He said it was 71 when he got here…  It felt great, esp after last week. I wasn’t wearing anything particularly warm but ended up having to change because we ate outside and the sun got too hot on my tshirt… Seriously made me happy lol. Zavier got to wear a little outfit from Granny that he’s never worn before too (and almost grown out of) so it worked out well.

Yes we did get pics… and I got Baba’s comp for a few minutes so I can put them up.

Had to get one of me & the Bub…

And then Kalila decided to be cute 🙂

We got quite a bit done today… including putting two more of our doors on! Soooo happy about that lol.  One of them (I feel kind of silly about this) I didn’t realize there was supposed to be a door there. Is between the living room and the hallway… I like it though.

During all this we spent a good amount of time outside, and like I said before it was warm… We could definately feel the sun. So I wasn’t surprised that Zavier felt warm. It made sense…But a little later when he was still warm, and Baba started noticing it… added to him getting a little cranky… We pulled out the thermometer and yup. Baby with a fever. Not a high one thankfully… and Gido pointed out that it might be his teeth. A good point. But Kalila being sick, Baba getting sick, I’m starting to feel kinda yucky… it could go either way.  But he’s ok… cranky and doesn’t feel good, but ok.

Then my phone decides to be obnoxious. Or the disk on my card rather. Either way I can no longer copy/move pictures off of my phone at all. I can’t delete them either. Or anything. I did get most of them off including (obviously) todays set.  Need to move over the stuff from the other card, which doesn’t work w/ my phone but at least leaves us with a camera lol.

One or two things to do before I can get some sleep (sleeeep) so I need to get that done. Hopefully I’ll put the other pics/videos up soon 🙂


One thought on “Great Day… Rough Evening

  1. kim says:

    i hope you guys feel better. nice outdoor pics.

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