You’re not losing your mind lol… I had a post post by accident (grrr double word). It was supposed to go bye bye last night. It didn’t. Not happy.

On similar note. Yes I got rid of the family updates pages. Too hard to keep track of and really pointless because the same stuff was in the posts. Not really all that hard to use the categories and if it is… oh well.

Did not really get rid of all the blogs I read lol. No there’re not on the side anymore… I may or may not put them back. When I was on blogspot I used the list on the side of my page to keep track of new posts I wanted to read since it updated and seemed easier than my reader… But wordpress doesn’t do that (the updating) and reading subscriptions is a ton easier so I have them all there too.

Anyways, loads to do today (literally since there’s laundry involved) so I’m off


2 thoughts on “Nooooo

  1. lilzbear says:

    Like the new layout!

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