Too Cute Not To Mention

Cute Kalila story from this morning…

Today was the last Sunday of course.. which means several things. Baba directs the choir, we have the luncheon, all that fun stuff.  The first part I dread a bit (tiny bit) honestly, because while I love seeing him direct… Kalila’s a handful lol.  Things go so much more smoothly (usually) when he’s there to help keep her in check. Its ok though, like I said I really do enjoy seeing him direct & I know he loves it.

No complaints today though… Kalila did very well.  She did start getting a little hyper as we went, but nothing awful. Not even close.  But more importantly she listened to most of what we talked about before Mass and seemed to remember. The couple times she started to act out I didn’t have to get past 1 before she fixed it.. and apologized. Really she did great.

We did have one hiccup though.  One very cute hiccup.

During Communion we ended up walking back down the aisle past the choir. She saw Baba.  And of course she had to give him a hug. Ok. But she didn’t want to let go lol. I had little Mr 20 lbs in one hand (and slipping out because he didn’t want to be held, he’s good at getting down when he wants to now) and was trying to pry her off Baba’s leg… Got her off and up when one of Baba’s aunts rescued me and carried her back to the cry room.

Yeah we all laughed about it. It was cute… She loves her Baba.


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