Tuna Melt Fit For… A 9 Month Old?

We decided to go ahead and introduce tuna… a couple weeks ago? We didn’t actually do it yet, but we moved it up on our list.  Why?  Someone posted a link to an article about tuna and other fish… how it should be introduced before 9 months to help prevent eczema.  Well true or not it doesn’t matter, we’re a bit past that now lol…  Zavier has it.  But we decided it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and intro it anyway.

Btw I’d link the article but I seemed to have cleared my history and noone else in the group can find it either lol. I did find this one here -> Eating Fish… <- Note: it does mention how eczema and food allergies are found not to be related when I’ve seen others mention that they can be (including on our pedi’s website). So grain of salt here…  Who knows which is true lol.

The first time we tried to do it we ended up having, and giving him, tilapia instead.  We ended up doing tuna tonight… and I think he liked it lol.

Backing up just a little… We were all gonna have tuna yesterday. But we got off schedule because of extra leftovers. Definitely not complaining about that lol.  So tuna melts got moved to today…  I’d say unfortunately we ran out of ranch dressing (yes I use it in tuna salad) but it worked out for us… We went to the store for our second groc run (we split them up usually between what types of things we need) and did the coupon thing like Baba did before. Saved 18 dollars (whoo hoo) and included several free items again, one of which was that bottle of ranch lol. I mention it though because one of the things we got (Natures Own Sandwich Rounds) was something we wouldn’t have otherwise  and used for Zavier’s food.  Note: I like the look of them. Not sure we’ll get them again unless there’s another deal like today, but they look great and Kalila was excited about them.  Definitely good for kids.

Ok so we had tuna melts… that was planned. Zavier’s meal was not other than just having tuna in it.  Honestly it wasn’t even planned while I was making it… I just started throwing things in that sounded good.

I used our small cast iron skillet for this… I’m definitely in a cast iron mood lately, love the things. Added a little olive oil and chopped a little bit of onion. Threw that in to cook.. then minced a small clove of garlic, added that. Half a can of tuna (yes he has leftovers) after the onions were softened a bit.  Stirred it a bit and remembered a creamed tuna recipe I tried for Kalila from a baby cookbook. It had peas in it. I didn’t so much care for the recipe (sounded gross honestly and I couldn’t bring myself to try it) and I didn’t want to do it again today but it got me thinking about the peas. I pulled them out and decided cream cheese would be good too.  Sliced a little off the end and threw that in.. Stirred it around until it melted. Added the peas and let it cook a little longer. Then I spread it on half a piece of that bread I mentioned earlier. Folded in half and sliced it in strips for him.

I did try it and while not my first choice for a tuna salad it did taste pretty good. I liked it. I think he did too. He ate it lol.


2 thoughts on “Tuna Melt Fit For… A 9 Month Old?

  1. Abby says:

    Hey Kris… I had a question… I have always heared that, you weren’t suppose to give young kids tuna because of the Mercury in it…just like you aren’t suppose to eat it while your pregnant or breast feeding… is that not actually true? Do you know anything about it?

    • Mama Kalila says:

      It is a concern to an extent. There are some kinds of tuna that are higher mercury than others (like albacore) and those should be avoided while pg and/or nursing. Light tuna is considered safe in certain amounts… and they vary depending on your body weight. I’m allowed about a can a week I think… and obviously don’t get near that when its cooked into whatever I’m making. Zavier’s amount would be pretty small… (sigh now I have to look it up lol) a third of a can per week. Was wrong about mine… 2 cans a week. I definitely don’t go near that.

      Now you do have to add in a couple other things.. other fish eaten in the week. If it is high risk for mercury it cuts down on how much you can safely have… also for children sometimes its a high allergy risk. They’ve moved down recommended intro ages, but if a child is high risk for those allergies its prob still best to wait.

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