9 Month Visit

This is prob gonna be short, not really much to say & I’m in the middle of several things lol.

It went really well. The dr was nice… I was very happy to find out that Dr M will be back by the time we go in for Zavier’s 12 month visit… but still.

Stats: He was 19 lbs 15 oz this morning… and 29 1/2 inches.

Weight was less than I was expecting, but he’s been sick… and it was still a decent gain from the last visit.  She kinda commented on him dropping percentage wise, but not a complaint.. just that he’s moving so much that he would. That I knew was coming (even if he hadn’t lost any) and glad to see her have that reaction.

We mostly talked about what he’s doing development wise.. no worries of course.  She made me laugh (to myself) at that point though because she said he’s probably ready for finger foods, to keep them small and soft.  I did tell her that he’s been eating them for awhile. She added (after that) that he could probably have a little more texture then… not sure how I could do anymore texture at this point 😉 but I just smiled and nodded lol.

Speaking of… We got the whole no more feeding at night spiel just like we did with Kalila. Dr M said it too (obviously if we got it with Kalila) but just said she should be sleeping through the night at that point… This one explained that its too much to be getting up at night with them and would be easier on me if I stop feeding him at night.  Ok then… Not really worried about that.

She did his whole check on my lap… Which I really liked. Kinda wish Dr M would do that lol.  No big issue either way, but it was nice.  She also explained what she was doing during the parts that I was nervous about.

Talked a bit about allergy testing, she discouraged it until he’s older… did say we could give him meds but after Baba and I talked.. he agrees with me on not really wanting to do them.

We did not get the anemia test that they normally do this month.. Long story.. But he’ll be getting it at his 12 month visit. They said it wouldn’t hurt to wait… We’re not worried about it anyway.

He did get two shots… PC because it got put off that one month when they switched to the new kind and Polio.  Once again new nurse… but no complaints because this one was very nice and that whole part of the visit went smoothly.  Zavier did cry for a few seconds this time, but then he saw the blood pressure cuff and decided it was more interesting than crying.

Was a pretty quick visit…  Glad its over lol.. and that it went well.


2 thoughts on “9 Month Visit

  1. Cammie says:

    He’s getting so big! Has it been nine-months already? Time flies with babies!

    I wish Sadie would have started sleeping through the night at nine months! Heck, these days I wish she’d sleep through the night now (she does about 50%… no maybe 25% of the time…). I don’t know many babies that are sleeping through that early… all my friends with two year olds on down still seem to be wishing they’d sleep better!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      No kidding!

      I don’t know many that are sleeping through that early either. Zavier does for the most part so this whole thing is a moot point with him lol… but when he does wake I know its normal. If he’s hungry he’s hungry.

      Now Kalila… I wish she slept through the night! She’s getting better too, but her issue is those stinking night terrors. I know she’s on the late end of it, but.. some kids are.

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