Doopsy Part 452


But I finally have pics and all that fun stuff!

I went crazy taking before pics of these two, not just because I was excited to finally get a Doopsy, but because I ended up with two different ones. I ordered a Doopsy SD.  I’m not sure but I think the free one was an Original. It could be an R, but I don’t see that on there so I’m assuming not.  Unfortunately most of those pics were destroyed by my SD card.  Maybe fortunately for yall lol.

Anyways what I have to share:

I took this the other day, not as nice as the first pic but you can at least see them.

One pic I salvaged shows the slight size difference between the two. The red is the SD.

Thankfully I didn’t lose the pics I got of Zavier in the SD that first night lol.

Ok enough pictures…I’ll be nice.

I do like these diapers… A lot.

Starting with the SD.  As you can see its a little bigger, which is good for a couple diff reasons. Obviously Z is a big boy so smaller worries me lol.  But on top of that, it has extra stuffing/inserts so it needs it. Honestly I think when they’re both stuffed it evens out.  We have not used it anytime other than at night because it works so well for that… and we use every insert it comes with lol. I guess I probably should try it with less, but… 2 hemp inserts plus the bamboo/PUL insert = very dry baby in the morning.

The Original (?).  This diaper being a bit smaller worried me at first, but it does fit him.  It came with 2 microfiber inserts.  When I saw that I thought maybe we’d use it during the day instead (or use one of the others we have inside it) but I tried it at night first and they did pretty well. We’ll see how they hold up though… I don’t dislike them or microfiber in general… it just doesn’t seem to hold up well for us over time. These could be diff though, we’ll see.  They do seem thicker.  I tried the other day to stuff it similarly to the SD and realized that was a bad idea… since its smaller they just don’t fit. 😦  Oh well it still works well and I don’t mind using it at night either.

I think the “worst” thing I can say about them is that I’d like it if they were a bit bigger… but I knew that going in and I dont’ see him outgrowing them anytime soon as is.



2 thoughts on “Doopsy Part 452

  1. lilzbear says:

    Haha…I like the picture of his little hiney!

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